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As operators around the world begin to plan their deployment of 5G SA and Open RAN, the focus on adopting a ‘cloud native’ approach to networking has come to the fore. Operators agree that cloud native is inevitable for networking but how differently do they see this working in practice?

In this webinar, we will share STL’s latest research findings on the different operator strategies in approaching cloud native networking. While some operators see cloud native technology and practices as essential parts of a wider change in their operating model, there are other operators more cautiously looking to accommodate cloud native networking within existing operating and partnership models. Can both be right?

We plan to discuss: 

  • The key benefits of a ‘cloud native’ approach to networking
  • Where different operators are heading
  • Potential risks and mitigation

Philip Laidler, Partner, STL Partners
Matt Bamforth, Consultant, STL Partners
Darwin Janz, Senior Planner Technology Strategy, SaskTel
Shakil Ahmed, Global Lead Telenor Hybrid Cloud Platform, Telenor

Date: Wednesday, 24th February, 2021
Time: 15:00 GMT


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During the pandemic, nearly every country has embraced digital health solutions to help tackle rising pressure on healthcare systems and the need to maintain social distancing – but will the boom last? And where will digital health deliver the most value? In this webinar we discuss the initial findings from our post-COVID digital health model, which assesses adoption of digital health across five key application areas and sizes the opportunity in the UK market.

We will discuss:

  • The 5 key application areas that telcos should consider
  • Digital health ecosystem and key players across the value chain
  • Our modelling and analysis of the UK digital health market


Amy Cameron, Senior Analyst & Digital Health Research Lead, STL Partners
Darius Singh, Senior Consultant & Digital Health Practice Lead, STL Partners
Miran Gilmore, Consultant, STL Partners

Date:Wednesday, 16th December, 2020
Time:15:00 GMT

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With emerging technologies such as 5G driving buzz, software developers expect to deliver more dynamic experiences to their customers. However, many of these new applications require capabilities, e.g. ultra-low latency, which can’t be delivered with 5G and cloud alone.

Enter edge cloud: developers can benefit from both the cloud’s flexibility and the reliability of local processing. AWS (Wavelength) is working with developers to enable new solutions in augmented reality & virtual reality, industry 4.0, digital health, amongst others.

In this webinar, we will be joined by speakers from AWS and AR/VR developer YBVR to address some of the big questions around edge cloud, including:

  • What is edge cloud and what is the relationship with 5G?
  • Why should ISVs and enterprises care? Which use cases are seeing most traction and in which industries?
  • What are the business benefits of adopting edge cloud?
  • What is AWS Wavelength and how does it work for developers and mobile operators?
  • What’s the opportunity for mobile operators?


Dalia Adib, Principal Consultant & Edge Practice Lead (STL Partners)
Reah Jamnadass, Consultant (STL Partners)
Phil Laidler, Director, STL Partners
Bala Thekkedath, Principal, Product Marketing – 5G Edge Computing (AWS)
Sebastian Amengual, Co-Founder & CTO (YBVR)

Date:Tuesday, 17th November, 2020
Time:17:00 GMT

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Private cellular networking, with 5G and LTE, is said to offer enterprises an opportunity to enable a host of different use cases, whilst delivering connectivity that is catered to enterprises’ specific needs.

It promises to not only enhance existing applications, but also unlock new applications and support their wider digital transformation journeys… But with all the hype surrounding private networking, it’s hard to tell whether it is simply another form of connectivity, or if it can truly act as an enabler of transformation.

In this webinar, we draw on findings from an interview programme and survey to over 200+ enterprises globally to address the following questions:

  • How do private cellular networks (5G or LTE) fit into enterprises’ wider strategies, and how does this vary by industry (e.g. manufacturing, oil and gas, logistics etc.)?
  • What are the key benefits of deploying private networks over alternative forms of connectivity, and what are the major challenges that different types of enterprises face when deploying them?
  • Who are the key players in the ecosystem, and what is the role for telcos?


Yesmean Luk, Senior Consultant, STL Partners
Miran Gilmore, Consultant, STL Partners
Phil Laidler, Director, STL Partnersb

Date:Thursday, 12th November, 2020
Time:16:00 GMT

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5G-enabled use cases are estimated to enable close to a 1% reduction in total global emissions by 2030 – this is equivalent to approximately half of all Canada’s carbon emissions in 2018.

There is a part to play in accelerating the reduction of carbon emissions for telcos, governments, the energy industry and other key stakeholders in the industry. We have identified 7 key principles for accelerating progress, such as:

  • How operators need to deploy 5G to support this change
  • Governments’ role in setting technology and emissions policies
  • Telcos need to explore new business models to support the energy ecosystem

In this webinar STL Partners will demonstrate which 5G use cases play the biggest role in reducing emissions and how the ecosystem must work together. This is based on insights from interviews and surveys with operators, energy companies and governmental organisations.

We have a great panel lined up for the Q&A session, featuring representatives from the energy industry, who will provide their views on the topic:

Phil Steele, Future Technologies Evangelist – Octopus Energy
Ian Mash, Director – Huawei, Carrier Business Group
Charles Bradshaw-Smith, Co-CEO & Operations – SmartKlub
Matt Bamforth, Consultant – STL Partners
Dalia Adib, STL Partners, Principal Consultant & Edge Practice Lead

Date:Tuesday, 10th November, 2020
Time:15:00 GMT

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Edge computing offers an opportunity for telcos to grow the B2B business. However, operators are grappling with defining the potential new products and services that edge opens up to them.

The sweet spot of opportunity is highly dependent on telcos’ starting point: some have existing capabilities within B2B networking and cloud, partnerships and strong customer relationships. But, for other telcos, the B2B business is nascent at a very early stage. And finally, edge infrastructure build differs across telcos, with some choosing to partner with hyperscalers to create the edge.

In this webinar, STL Partners leverages insights from interviews with top-tier CSPs and experience from our Edge Practice to discuss topics including:

  • The variety of services operators can offer to B2B customers
  • How telcos should think about edge services in the context of existing cloud, network services, private cellular and 5G
  • Which factors may influence how successful telcos are in taking these services to market
  • How telcos can leverage their existing capabilities to develop B2B edge services

Dalia Adib, STL Partners, Principal Consultant & Edge Practice Lead
Miran Gilmore, Consultant, STL Partners
Maddison Long, Vice President of Products, CloudOps

Date:Wednesday, 28th October, 2020
Time:15:00 GMT

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The retail sector is already facing unique challenges: huge growth in e-commerce, an existential crisis for the high street and mounting pressures from consumer to deliver a totally seamless experience in and outside the store.

However, these have only been amplified by the unprecedented environment presented by COVID-19, which means retailers need to maximise their opportunity as countries come out of lockdown, enter the ‘new normal’ and gear up for the post-summer period. Edge is poised to be a key enabler in this, by unlocking new applications and capabilities that will enhance the customer experience across online and offline channels.

Key topics discussed in the webinar:

  • The value of edge for retail customers
  • Key use cases
  • Real applications in retail that are using edge


Dalia Adib, Edge Computing Practice Lead, STL Partners
Kennedy Pereira, AVP/GM, AT&T Global Business Solutions
Tilly Gilbert, Senior Consultant, STL Partners

Date:Wednesday, 30th September, 2020
Time:16:00 BST

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Emerging technologies such as 5G, IoT, Edge Cloud, AI, promise to open up new services and business models for operators in B2B by enabling more dynamic, cloud-native, and “as a service”, solutions. Digital BSS can support and augment delivery of such services by creating seamless and flexible back-end systems to improve customers' and partners' experience.

In addition to this strategic opportunity, digitising BSS and moving towards zero-touch can have a material impact on revenues and operational costs, potentially increasing EBIT by c.34%. Digitising BSS should therefore be a part of all telcos’ B2B roadmap.

In this webinar, supported by MDS Global, STL Partners:

  • highlight the potential financial benefits of digitising BSS
  • define key digital BSS use cases and where most value can be derived
  • explore how digital BSS fits into operators' wider strategy and a move towards cloud-native and virtualised services

Presenters and panellists:
Chris Barraclough, Partner and Director, STL Partners
Darius Singh, Senior Consultant, STL Partners
Reah Jamnadass, Consultant, STL Partners
Akil Chomoko, CMO, MDS Global

Date:Thursday, 24th September, 2020
Time:15:00 BST

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Broadcast: 10th September, 2020

The transport and logistics sector is struggling with diminishing margins despite growth in global traffic volumes. In the push to stay competitive, companies must cut costs and drive operating efficiency. 5G will play an important role in the digital transformation of the industry, by enabling and enhancing use cases that can optimise processes and increase efficiencies.

In this webinar, we shared learnings from 100+ interviews and surveys with industry professionals. How will 5G impact the industry, what steps must be taken to deliver 5G's potential benefits, and what is the role for the telco?

Chris Barraclough, Partner and Director, STL Partners
Tilly Gilbert, Consultant, STL Partners

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In tandem with the roll-out of 5G, new technologies are often surfacing, each with a potential to shift traditional ecosystems – amongst them, is Open RAN.

Within this webinar STL Partners addressed the three most important sub-components of Open RAN – Open-RAN, vRAN and C-RAN, and how they may interact to shift the traditional proprietary and vendor-dominated RAN into a new, virtualized and a more open vendor ecosystem.

The webinar encompassed the following:

  • Open RAN’s potential impact on existing ecosystems
  • The market dynamics and opportunities for open-RAN deployment
  • Open RAN deployment strategies for telcos
  • An analysis into existing Open RAN initiatives and challenges


Matt Pooley, Telco Cloud Practice Lead & Senior Consultant, STL Partners
David Martin, Senior Associate, STL Partners

Date:Tuesday, 4th August, 2020
Time:16:00 GMT

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Following on from our well-received research and webinars on Now, next and after, and the impact of COVID on telco priorities, we discussed how the telecoms industry should move forward as the world increasingly gets to grips with the pandemic.

Besides its substantial size and potential incremental revenue streams, the SOHO/SME segment is a key market for telcos because:


  • Looking at the scenarios we initially laid out on whether the industry will get ‘back to normal’, find a better place, or become more fragmented;
  • Discussing whether and how the industry can build on the momentum it has gained in the crisis, e.g. remote working, moving online, changing faster;
  • Previewing some analysis we are conducting on how telcos could accelerate moves into new areas with a detailed look at opportunities in healthcare;

The paneel chaired by Amy Cameron, Senior Analyst, STL Partners included:

  • Rainer Deutschmann, COO Dialog Axiata, who’s joined our previous webinars
  • Andrew Collinson, Partner & Research Director, STL Partners, author of the research on telco priorities, and co-author of ‘Now, Next and After’
  • Dean Bubley, Senior Associate STL Partners and Founder Disruptive Analysis, co-author of ‘Now, Next and After’ and scenario-master
  • Matt Jones, Senior Analyst, STL Partners, who’s leading the new research sizing telco opportunities healthcare

Date:Wednesday, 1st June, 2020

Time:15:00 GMT

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STL Partners and ETIS originally planned to co-host a telcos in health workshop in May. Since that’s no longer possible, in this webinar we share a taster of the content we’d planned. We hope to re-schedule the live event whenever possible.
With the right strategy and appetite for a long term commitment, healthcare can be a very promising growth vertical for telcos. In this webinar, Amy Cameron will outline telcos’ right to play, potential business models and focus areas for telcos in health.
In the context of COVID-19, telehealth is clearly a key opportunity in healthcare. To understand what it really takes to succeed in this market, we are joined by David Thomas, Managing Principal of Global Health Strategy at TELUS, and Mairi Johnson, Chief Partnership Officer at Babylon Health.
With them we will discuss: - How do they work together? - What are the potential partnership models between telcos and digital health players? - What are the pre-requisites for telcos to build successful partnerships in health? - And open to your questions

Presenters: Amy Cameron, Senior Analyst, Digital Health Research Lead, STL Partners David Thomas, Managing Principal, Global Health Strategy, TELUS Mairi Johnson, Chief Partnership Officer, Babylon Health Darius Singh, Senior Consultant & Digital Health Practice Lead, STL Partners
Date: Thursday, 11th June, 2020
Time: 14:00 GMT

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The SOHO and SME segments represent a significant opportunity for telcos. In the EU alone, 99.8% of enterprises are SMEs and SOHOs, and contribute almost 60% of the EU’s total value added.

Besides its substantial size and potential incremental revenue streams, the SOHO/SME segment is a key market for telcos because:

  • They want new communication services that are customisable, programmable and available in a cost-efficient, pay-as-you-grow model;
  • They don’t have the dedicated IT departments and need solutions that are simple to onboard;
  • They can benefit from cloud-based services, incorporating self-service and automation, making it easier to trial new services and reduce operational costs;
  • They need mobile-first communication solutions accessible across multiple devices, to better manage engagement with both employees and customers.

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • Current challenges SMEs and SOHOs face, and why telcos struggle to serve them
  • Why the SME/SOHO segments are a key opportunity for telcos
  • How telcos can support them leveraging cloud communication solutions
  • Potential 'communications-as-a-service' use cases for SMEs and SOHOs


Chris Barraclough, STL Partners

Abhey Seth, Ericsson

Vikas Singhal, Ericsson

Date:Thursday, 28th May, 2020

Time:16:00 GMT

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With all the hype, it’s difficult to determine how important edge is right now.

There are still many open questions with regards to investments at the edge:

  • How much is being invested relative to other technologies? How might this change?
  • Which edge is most important now and in future: regional data centres, network edge, on-prem edge? How does this vary by use case and industry?
  • Where are edge investments being made across the value chain? Datacentres/facilities, hardware, software platforms or applications and services?
  • What are the risks and rewards to consider when evaluating edge investments?


Dalia Adib, STL Partners, Principal Consultant & Edge Practice Lead

Chris Barraclough, STL Partners, Partner & Director

Eli Scher, Open-IX, Vice Chairman

Joe Kochan, US Ignite, CEO & Co-founder

Jon Mauck, Digital Bridge & Digital Colony, Managing Director

Date:Tuesday, 2nd June, 2020

Time:15:00 GMT

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The consumer landscape is changing and, driven in part by the COVID19 pandemic, demand for both core broadband and value-added services is growing. This presents new challenges and opportunities for operators seeking growth “in the home”. In this webinar, STL Partners explores the strategies telcos can employ for success in the consumer market. Drawing on information from an interview programme with SPs, as well as a survey to 1,100+ consumers, globally.

The discussion includes insights on:

  • The changing demands of the consumer market
  • The saturation of the Pay TV and triple play market
  • Telco strategies to win and stay relevant


Darius Singh, STL Partners, Senior Consultant & Digital Health Lead

Nikolai Siersted, STL Partners, Consultant

Philip Laidler, STL Partners, Partner & Consulting Director

Date:Wednesday, 20th May, 2020

Time:16:00 GMT

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How COVID-19 will impact telco activities and spending plans is now at the top of the industry’s agenda, so we’ve been researching it over the last week among the people who know best – over 100 of our customers and contacts.

The discussion include insights on how industry sentiment is changing, and cover:

  • Technologies (such as cloud, AI, automation)
  • Enterprise and consumer services
  • Networks (5G, fibre, etc)
  • Leadership


Rainer Deutschmann, Dialog Axiata PLC, Group Chief Operating Officer

Amy Cameron, STL Partners, Senior Analyst

Andrew Collinson, STL Partners Research Director

Dean Bubley, STL Partners Senior Associate and founder of Disruptive Analysis

Date:Tuesday, 5th May, 2020

Time:15:00 GMT

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Operators have struggled with telco cloud to date. NFV deployments have suffered from a lack of truly ‘cloud-native’ components and approaches, and the industry continues to grapple with the complexities of transformation and building skillsets. Meanwhile, there is a growing urgency to safeguard investments in 5G new radio, which have been justified based on new use-cases which assume extreme sophistication in the network.

In this webinar, we argued that 5G will only pay if telcos find a way to make telco clouds work. We share learnings from first-hand work with operators and vendors about successful (and less successful) routes to cloud deployment, and suggest that shifting industry dynamics – new partnerships, ecosystems and integrations – mean that now is the time to make it happen.


Matt Pooley, Telco Cloud Practice Lead & Senior Consultant, STL Partners

Philip Goddard, Business Development Director, Juniper Networks

Phil Laidler, Partner, STL Partners

Date:Wednesday, 8th April, 2020

Time:16:00 GMT

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What impact will the Coronavirus pandemic have on telecoms longer-term, and how should the industry respond? In this webinar we discussed telcos’ immediate responses, assess priorities for the next few months, and outline four scenarios for future planning.

We heard from Markus Kinnunen, VP of Service Assurance and Cyber Security at Elisa, and Rainer Deutschmann, COO at Dialog Axiata, on how they are responding to this unprecedented situation, and their outlook for the future.


Andrew Collinson, STL Partners Research Director

Dean Bubley, STL Partners Senior Associate and founder of Disruptive Analysis

Markus Kinnunen, VP of Service Assurance and Cyber Security at Elisa (Finland)

Rainer Deutschmann, Chief Operating Officer at Dialog Axiata (Sri Lanka)

Date:Wednesday, 1st April, 2020

Time:16:00 GMT

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In this session, Phil Laidler and Miran Gilmore explored how 5G can help to improve networks’ energy performance and curtail carbon emissions.

The inexorable growth in data volumes predicted over mobile networks in the next decade means that relying on “evolutionary” improvements to 4G will not be sufficient to curtail emissions from networks.

Phil and Miran argued telcos need to achieve a step-change in networks and business practices. 5G New Radio, massive MIMO and mmWave technologies will be able to provide this step-change at first to contain, and then to reduce, carbon emissions from mobile networks.


Phil Laidler, Partner and Consulting Director, STL Partners

Date: Tuesday, 28th January, 2020

Time: 16:00 GMT

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In this session Amy Cameron and Yesmean Luk looked at the opportunities for telcos in health.

As a growing industry, with a national focus and significant digitisation challenges, healthcare is an attractive vertical for telcos seeking to build new revenues beyond core communications services. But it is also notoriously slow to change and carries a high reputational risk if anything goes wrong.

Through ten case studies on telco plays in healthcare – including both successes and failures – they outlined the key considerations and potential strategies for telcos targeting the healthcare opportunity.


Amy Cameron, Senior Analyst, STL Partners

Yesmean Luk, Consultant, STL Partners

Darius Singh, Consultant, STL Partners

Date: Tuesday, 26th November, 2019

Time: 16:00 GMT

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The unique benefits of 5G could unlock $1.4tn of value in eight key industries in 2030. This is based on models generated from 200+ interviews and surveys with industry executives. What steps should operators take to deliver these benefits? What business and organisational transformation must occur to unlock this opportunity?


Chris Barraclough, Partner and Director, STL Partners

Tilly Gilbert, Consultant, STL Partners

Date: Tuesday, 22nd October, 2019

Time: 9:00 GMT

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Edge computing from the front line: developer case studies

Much of the discussion around edge computing has focused on use cases which, although useful in demonstrating demand for the technology, are still hypothetical.

In this webinar we will present case studies “from the front lines” of developers and enterprises testing edge computing today across different applications such as AR/VR, video analytics, drone/UAV, live experiences and retail.

Key questions we will address during the webinar include:

  • How does edge computing compare to expectations?
  • What is measurable impact does edge computing make to the application?
  • What is the value to software companies, enterprises and agencies?
  • Given the value edge creates, how can telcos monetise this?


Dalia Adib, Senior Consultant & Edge Computing Practice Lead, STL Partners

Geoff Hollingworth, Chief Marketing Officer, MobiledgeX

Date: 12th September, 2019

Time: 17:00 GMT

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Digital transformation is at the heart of many organisations’ core strategies, as leaders explore how to solve traditional business problems with innovative digital solutions. STL Partners believes digital twins is an emerging technology that, by unlocking the potential of other rapidly developing technologies (such as IoT and AI), could play a significant role in driving transformation. But what is a digital twin?

In this webinar we’ll look at key digital twins use cases, how they are delivering value to global enterprises, and explore telcos’ potential role in the ecosystem.

There’ll be Q&A as part of the session.

Darius Singh, Consultant at STL Partners
Paul Green, CSO and Director at Iotic Labs, named as one of the top five tech start ups to watch in 2019 for IoT. Paul is also Associate Senior Analyst at STL Partners

Date: Thursday 6 June

Time: 4-5pm (London time)

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Broadcast: 22 May 2019

Virtualisation (NFV) and SDN fundamentally change network infrastructure and service agility. And telcos that act early could gain an advantage. In reality, few operators have taken up the challenge.

So what’s the right approach to match your business needs? How can you gauge when’s the right time to move – and how do you find a helicopter view of what’s happening in the market? Which vendors are selling which solutions, to whom - and why?

In this webinar, we’ll show how - with 5G on the horizon - telco virtualisation is at a tipping point. And look at data from the NFV deployment tracker which aggregates information on commercial deployments globally.

Presenters: Matt Pooley, Senior Consultant and David Martin, Associate Senior Analyst

Date: Wednesday 22 May

Time: 3:30-4:30pm (London time)

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Read more about our presenters and find some of our related research on the NFV webinar page.

Download the documents from the event (you may need to log in):
David and Matt's presentations
Q and A from the session
Broadcast: 30 April 2019

Voice-activated speakers have people talking about smart homes again. But Alexa is just a warm-up act for the main event. In this session, we looked at the opportunities for telcos, what smart householders really want and how best to provide it. And we heard directly from an international operator about their experience of working in this space.

The webinar was built on complementary research Can telcos create a compelling smart home? in our (Re)Connecting with Consumers research stream.

David Pringle, Associate Senior Analyst, STL Partners
Thomas Rockmann, Vice-President Consumer IoT and Co-Lead Smart Home Project, Deutsche Telekom
Amy Cameron, Senior Analyst, STL Partners (moderator)

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Download the documents from the event:
David Pringle's presentation
Thomas Rockmann from Deutsche Telekom's presentation
Q and A from the session
Broadcast: 12 February 2019

In this invitation-only session, we looked at trends and challenges for the sector for the next few years. This covered changes to the global digital economy, how telcos can work in the enterprise space and some of the zeitgeist opportunities such as smart homes.

Our track record in horizon scanning is strong: a recent example is the recent FT article on telecom income in Europe - you might remember that we’d called this in our 2012 research.

Presenters: Andrew Collinson, Research Director
Amy Cameron, Senior Analyst
David Pringle, Associate Senior Analyst

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Broadcast: 30 January 2019

We opened with near-term technical changes and deployments in 5G and the type of services that could be realised. Following up with business process and strategies for financial planning that could lead to opportunities for growth.

The piece was a real challenge to telcos looking to make improvements to win and retain customers and monetise new opportunities.

Dave Burstein, Editor, Wireless One and Associate Analyst, STL Partners
Chris Barraclough, Director, STL Partners

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Download the documents from the event:
Q and A from the session

Broadcast: 11 December 2018

In this webinar we looked at the opportunities in distributed cloud for telcos and how they could be realised.

Applications developers need to engage to get the most out of the possibilities. We showed a new edge use case related to augmented reality (chosen by user vote ahead of the session). And we looked at the effective business models.

Our guest speaker from MobiledgeX, a leading mobile edge innovator, talked about what they’re achieving and where they see telcos can monetise existing infrastructure investments. Including SDN/NFV transformations and more future-facing investments like MEC.

Dalia Adib, Senior Consultant, STL Partners
Jason Hoffman, Chair, MobiledgeX

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Download the documents from the event:
Jason Hoffman's MobiledgeX presentation
Dalia Adib's presentation
Q and A from the session

For more on edge, visit our edge hub
Broadcast: 8 August 2018

This webinar covered our predictions for 5G.

We shared our assessment of the opportunities and barriers - including how and when it will impact different markets. How 5G will change the shape of the industry may not be what you expect, especially how it combines with other technologies and industry trends.

Topics include:
* Realistic deployment and uptake timelines
* Verticals and use-cases
* Role of enterprise / private networks
* Fit with NFV, WiFi, edge computing and AI
* Impact of geopolitics, spectrum regulation and lobbying

Andrew Collinson, Research Director, STL Partners
Dean Bubley, Associate Analyst, STL Partners

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Broadcast: 12 December 2017

In this webinar, we discussed the extent of live NFV deployments by operators in Europe and North America.

We assessed the various strategic and tactical plays available to those looking to keep on track with their virtualisation programme. There were also insights from our work with operators worldwide and our growing NFV deployment tracker research stream.

Matt Pooley, Consultant, STL Partners
David Martin, Associate Analyst, STL Partners

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