Webinar: Scaling the private networks market: If it were easy, it would have happened already​

Telcos and vendors have invested significantly in their private network offerings over the past few years. This has seemed a safe bet, with private networks promising to accelerate digital transformation across verticals, and therefore offering telcos a way to monetise 5G in the enterprise space.

However, the market has not achieved the growth that many providers had bet on in recent years. While there has been a lot of activity, the vast majority of deployments have been PoCs and only a limited number have scaled to commercial, production level… So, what can telcos and their partners do to overcome the barriers to scale and accelerate the market – realising a portion of the promised billion dollar opportunity?

In this webinar, we explore how providers can capitalise on the opportunity by overcoming supply and demand side barriers to drive scale in the market. The key questions we look to answer include:

  • Which use cases and verticals have been driving growth in 2023?
  • What are the critical supply side barriers to growth?
  • What are the demand side barriers to growth and concerns prospective customers are raising?
  • How can providers overcome these barriers to accelerate the market and capture their share?

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