Customer engagement

Engage with customers by creating campaigns built on thought
leadership and insights to drive meaningful conversations

Customer engagement

We help our clients to build mindshare and engage with key influencers and decision-makers within their customers. We create campaigns that leverage unique, thought-leading research and insights on technology-driven business opportunities.

We communicate via a range of compelling interactive online and offline solutions including reports, presentations, infographics, webinars, and private events. These marketing tools help our clients generate leads and drive meaningful conversations with their target customers.

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What our customers say

"I’m more certain now than ever that we made the right choice with STL Partners. The consulting team worked with professionalism and produced high-quality output that could be repurposed in a wide variety of ways."
Product Manager, Service Provider Analytics – Global tech company
“STL delivered an exceptional turnkey marketing project, carefully using engaging research to attract a senior telco marketing audience that contributed to a successful new product launch for Ericsson. We will use them again.”
Digital Marketing Services – Global technology firm
“STL’s insight, interest, and work on Telco 2.0 provided an invaluable perspective on TELUS’s activity over the last ten years in the health vertical and helps TELUS to work with other telcos internationally in health.”
Vice President, TELUS Health - North American operator

Thought-leadership research

Engaging with customers

TELUS Health: Communicating an innovative healthcare vision

We show how we supported our long-time partner, TELUS Health, on its journey to harness the digital health opportunity.  

CloudOps: Thought leadership on ways telecoms can monetize B2B edge services

STL Partners helped CloudOps to build thought leadership around operators’ edge computing and B2B strategies.

Juniper: understanding how to achieve telco cloud success

STL Partners helped Juniper to build an insights-led campaign focused on telco cloud, turning insights from an extensive global interview programme into tools that Juniper could use to engage with telcos.