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Our research drives change in the telecoms industry through deep and creative analysis coupled with practical recommendations for our clients.

STL Partners’ research helps telcos and their partners to make new thinking and business models work, drive real change in practice, and grow through purposeful innovation in the Coordination Age.


Half of the world’s top 10 telecoms operators subscribe to our research

Executive Briefing Service: Strategy and Transformation


Our foundational research offering provides a strategic synopsis of all important telecoms trends and market drivers, supporting strategists and decision makers by expanding, challenging and validating their thinking:

• 25 new reports per year plus a database of 300+ reports and analyst access

• The most important themes affecting the telecoms and technology sector, including new threats and emerging opportunities

• Analysis on what telcos need to do to thrive in the Coordination Age, how they become robust, adaptive organisation, and how external forces will shape their operating environment



STL Partners research services

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How to access our research services

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Discounts apply when combining the Executive Briefing Service with in-depth research streams​

STL Partners research services

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Why STL Partners?

Real engagement

We are always available to discuss how our insights apply to your situation, to validate assumptions or to challenge our thinking.

We develop our research agenda with our customers front of mind.



Real insight

STL Partners has a track record of being ahead of the curve on disruptions and innovations such as platform business models, Edge, AI, NFV, and Telco Cloud.

We are known for original thinking, particularly the Coordination Age concept which defines a holistic new strategic context and opportunity for telecoms.


Real experience and talent

A mix of experienced telecoms execs and bright, driven digital natives – our team brings deep expertise in specific domains.

We look beyond the telecoms industry to inspire and challenge organisations to move forward and grow.



Real quality

Our clients have limited time and attention, so we are crisp. Equally, they want well-argued and supported insight. We don’t publish anything until it meets both criteria.

We also share our insights in a range of formats to suit different needs, including webinars, the STL Insights blog, one-page report summaries, newsletters, and analyst calls.