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5G for business: An update on telco pioneers

SK Telecom, Verizon and Telstra have looked to expand their 5G networks and to provide businesses with more opportunities to

Telcos see private cellular and edge as two peas in a pod

Telecoms operators see private cellular and edge computing as part of a larger revenue opportunity beyond fixed and public cellular.

Metaverse and VR to drive traffic growth

If you take a loose definition, the Metaverse is already generating a lot of traffic. Gaming generated 5.67% of IP

Policy & Charging in the 5G era

5G charging and policy network function will be fundamental to driving greater revenue, speed and control for operators.

Open RAN and vRAN deployments by operators

STL Partners updated (April 2022) its Telco Cloud Deployment Tracker with a more granular focus on Open RAN tracking the

Video analytics is a large and growing market

Video analytics is the processing and analysis of visual data (images or videos). When artificial intelligence is used to extract

AI and automation in private networks

Private network operators need to be able to deploy, manage and optimise their operations more efficiently if they want to

MWC 2022 – 10 Observations

SK Telecom Stand at MWC 2022 – STL Partners GSMA’s Mobile World Congress – MWC 2022 revealed a subtle but

AI and the Future of Work

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is one of four major shifts that will have an impact on the Future of Work

Live events: An opportunity for telcos

For telcos, live events present specific challenges and opportunities. Providing millions of people with high quality images and audio simultaneously

Sustainable financing: A pioneer in telecoms

In 2018, the environmental team started considering sustainability from a finance perspective, and the finance team started to incorporate ESG

Reluctance to deploy VNFs on the cloud reflects a persistent, legacy concept of the telco

VNFs on public cloud: Opportunity, not threat There have been very few significant deployments of VNFs on the public cloud,