Telecoms and Technology Consulting

Helping our telecoms and technology clients grow their future business

STL Partners Consulting focuses on developing commercial strategies with our clients that help grow their revenues and move to innovative business models in the Coordination Age. We support our clients to make these happen through our capabilities in go-to-market and implementation

Our clients span across technology, telecoms and digital infrastructure – from blue-chip companies and multinationals, to start-ups and scale-ups. We often look ahead to the future and emerging technologies (e.g. 5G, edge computing and cloud, IoT and AI) to find out how our clients can create more value for their customers and expand their businesses.


STL works with corporate clients and private equity to support investment decisions in digital infrastructure and software. We leverage our existing market forecasts and insights tools, bringing sector expertise and structured methodologies to accelerate mergers, acquisitions and divestments.

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Growth Strategy

We work with clients to identify and evaluate potential growth opportunities that ‘move the needle’. We bring extensive experience from within and beyond the telecommunications industry and help clients to understand the size and nature of new opportunities and what it takes to be successful.

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Business Model Development

STL Partners works with clients to identify, define, and prioritise use cases and services across a broad range of technologies and industries, including edge cloud, 5G, AI, telco cloud; and digital health, Industry 4.0, energy and extractives.

We help clients to drive forward their growth initiatives by identifying the best business model and building a detailed business case to quantify the opportunity.

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Go-To-Market Strategy

STL Partners helps clients launch new initiatives. We aid clients in developing a winning proposition and work with them to build a clear development roadmap and go-to-market strategy supported by compelling sales tools.

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Customer Engagement

We help our clients engage with target influencers and decision-makers by creating campaigns that leverage thought-leading research and insights on key business opportunities.

Our campaigns leverage a range of compelling interactive online and offline solutions including thought leadership reports and case studies, webinars and private events, both virtual and in-person. These marketing tools help our clients to drive engagement and meaningful conversations with their customers.

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