5G Research

What should telcos and others do to maximise the strategic value of 5G to their businesses?

October 2019

$1.4tn of benefits in 2030: 5G’s impact on industry verticals

The unique benefits of 5G could unlock $1.4tn of value in eight key industries in 2030. What steps should operators take to deliver these benefits? What business and organisational transformation must occur to unlock this opportunity?

October 2019

5G’s impact on manufacturing: $740Bn of benefits in 2030

The unique benefits of 5G could unlock $740bn of value in manufacturing in 2030. This is based on models generated from 100+ interviews and surveys with senior manufacturing industry executives. What steps should operators, manufacturers and others take to achieve these benefits?

October 2019

5G’s healthcare impact: 1 billion patients with improved access in 2030

This report explores the impact of 5G on the healthcare industry. It illustrates the benefits and example use cases, as well as quantifying the potential efficiency gains, that 5G will enable.

October 2019

The 5G Core and NFV: different sides of the same coin?

The 5G network core is supposed to be fully virtualised and cloud-native. But formulation of the 5G standards has not been harmonised with the broader NFV project. What impact will this have on service innovation?

September 2019

5G strategies: Lessons from the early movers

Telcos in South Korea and China have seen strong early demand for new 5G services. Where else is 5G commercially available, and what are the key lessons from early movers on 5G investments and positioning?

May 2019

Telcos in healthcare: Winning in a long game, Babylon, and the impact of 5G

Insights on the role for telcos in healthcare, the main lessons learned to date, and the impact of 5G on healthcare and telcos within it. From the TELUS Carrier Health Summit, Toronto, May 2019

December 2018

5G: The first three years

After considerable hype and uncertainty, the near term developments for 5G are now much more apparent, including which nations will go first, chip and handset availability, and the use of different spectrum bands.

August 2018

Telco economics: Network sharing in a 5G world

Passive network sharing is a well-established practice, but 5G may force telcos to consider more active network sharing to overcome financial, technological and physical constraints. We explore 5G network sharing options and cost structures, drawing lessons from existing agreements.

July 2018

5G: Why Verizon thinks differently – and what to do about it

The US operator is an enthusiastic proponent and strong early backer of 5G. Why, what does it know that is different from the norm and what should other telcos do about it?

June 2018

5G: ‘Just another G’ – yet a catalyst of change

Our predictions for 5G, based on our assessment of the opportunities and barriers it faces, including how and when it will impact different markets. Combined with other technologies and industry trends, 5G will change the shape of the industry, but not in the way that many expect.

January 2018

AR/VR: Won’t move the 5G needle

Virtual reality and augmented reality have the potential to generate vast amounts of telecoms traffic, together with demand for edge computing, network slicing and other 5G capabilities. But when will these technologies come of age?