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What is edge computing and why focus on it now?

Edge computing brings processing capabilities closer to the end user/device or the source of data. New technologies and demand for new applications means the time is ripe for edge. Consumers want low latency for content-driven experiences and enterprises require local processing for security and resilient operations. Those who want to add value in this space need to understand the business models, the use cases and define a clear go-to-market plan, including operators who can use edge computing to grow revenues outside connectivity.

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STL Partners edge practice in the news:

Recent publications that have featured our edge experts

Can telcos learn from Amazon

Why we need edge computing

The emergence of edge computing

Edge research and insight

We work with telecoms operators and the leading technology companies in the ecosystem on edge computing. These insight pieces can help you understand and capture the opportunity.


About edge compute and edge cloud

An overview of edge computing and edge cloud to highlight the key questions being asked by the wider ecosystem and telecoms operators who are exploring the opportunity


STL Partners edge use case service

STL Partners has launched a new use case service. The detailed use case pack and accompanying analyst time will help to drive alignment, educate stakeholders and accelerate edge computing strategies through marketing leading analysis and evaluation.


What edge developers want from telcos now?

The use of edge computing is accelerating rapidly in applications. Through seven case studies we outline what developers want from edge computing, and how telcos can support them


Edge computing investments are just beginning

With all the hype, it’s difficult to determine how important edge is right now. How much is being invested relative to other technologies? How might this change?


15 Edge computing companies to watch in 2020

In this article, we have provided a spotlight on 15 companies (in no particular order) who are making waves in edge computing and are “ones to watch” in the next couple of years


Shadow Q&A: A cloud gaming company’s views on 5G and edge

Are 5G and edge relevant for cloud gaming? We spoke to Shadow – a cloud gaming company – to dispel the myths.


Telcos can disrupt AR/VR gaming models with edge computing

Edge computing can revolutionise the AR/VR gaming industry and provide an additional revenue source for telcos. Telcos can offer an edge cloud platform to gaming companies, which will bring the compute capabilities from the AR/VR headset to the edge cloud.

Interactive tool

Edge computing ecosystem tool

An interactive tool that maps out where different companies are positioned across the edge computing ecosystem


Edge computing: Changing the balance of energy in networks

Energy consumption levels across networks and data centres are on the rise due to the advancement of the internet and cloud-based services. To combat these challenges, edge computing can be utilised to change the balance of energy across a variety of use cases and applications.


Artificial intelligence: a killer app for edge computing?

Artificial intelligence and edge computing are both buzzwords within the industry in their own right. But, they should also be considered together – AI as a key use case for edge computing, and edge computing as a key enabler for AI to deliver on performance and keep costs down. In this article we’ll discuss opportunities and challenges, as well as a couple of key use cases for artificial intelligence at the edge.


How edge computing will support digital transformation in the oil and gas industry

Improving operational efficiency is paramount in the oil and gas industry: it is capital intensive, price sensitive and (can) operate in extreme environments. Digital transformation has become critically important and is being aided by the rise of IoT, AI and AR/VR. In this article, we share our thoughts on how edge computing can also play a key role.


What’s blockchain got to do with edge computing?

Edge computing enables a network for blockchain, but what’s blockchain’s role in edge computing? Why blockchain could enable a truly open distributed cloud marketplace.


Five edge computing use cases for the manufacturing industry

The manufacturing sector is poised to be an early adopter of edge computing, taking advantage of its benefits to accelerate digital transformation. Latency, data security, flexibility and reducing bandwidth are all key factors for the five edge manufacturing use cases we evaluate in this article.


Edge computing from the front line: developer case studies

Much of the discussion around edge computing has focused on use cases which are still hypothetical.

This webinar presented case studies “from the front lines” of developers & enterprises testing edge computing today across different applications.


5 things edge computing app developers want telecoms operators to know

The telecommunications industry interested in edge computing must listen to the requirements of developers who will run their applications at the edge. These developers want clarity around delivery, orchestration and pricing.


What’s in an edge computing platform?

The term “platform” often refers to many different things and becomes even more confusing when linked to a new, not well-defined domain such as edge computing. We seek to clarify what an edge computing platform is and provide examples of the edge platforms being developed today.


Mobile Edge Computing: What is Mobile Edge Computing?

Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) – formerly known as mobile edge computing – is a type of edge computing that extends the capabilities of cloud computing by bringing it to the edge of the network.


Edge business models and how to execute them

A joint webinar with MobiledgeX and STL Partners exploring edge cloud business models and the value proposition for application developers in augmented reality.


Five viable telco business models

How telcos can commercialise multi-access edge computing? We present five business models for telcos, demonstrating quantified revenue streams and costs.


Decoupled cloud connectivity pricing models for edge

We discuss how encouraging applications to move workloads to the edge to reduce backhaul costs will inadvertently mean telcos need to re-evaluate their pricing models

Data chart

Investment in edge start ups

Our data snapshot shows that venture capitalists and other investors see the value in the edge cloud market, as the number of start-ups continues to grow in this space


What can telcos learn from Amazon?

AWS built its customer base by moving from a test bed to a permanent option for IT and computing. Engaging application developers is crucial for growing the edge cloud


How does edge computing architecture impact latency

This article answers that question mapping out the potential “level of edge” and where different operators have announced they are testing or planned to deploy edge nodes.


Why 5G needs edge more than edge needs 5G

4G and edge will drive 5G coverage and applications. This would boost service demand and offer growth for telcos at a time when there is still scepticism for the 5G business case


Turning vision into practice

Our Telco edge computing: Turning vision into practice research gives an overview of the telco opportunity and seeks to address the key challenges for operators pursuing edge


Edge computing news in 2020

Edge computing is a rapidly growing industry and evolving ecosystem. This article aims to keep you up-to-date with some of the key developments within edge computing. Check back each month for our update on M&As, partnerships, product announcements and other strategic plays.

Data chart

How advanced are the industry’s edge strategies?

Our data snapshot shows the telecoms industry is yet to embrace edge and most are still trying to understand the market, particularly the telecoms operators.

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