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Edge Market Sizing Dashboard Last updated: December 2023

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Edge Computing Use Case Directory Last updated: December 2023

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Network edge data centre forecast Last updated: November 2023

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Edge Computing Ecosystem Tool Last updated: September 2023

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Edge sustainability: Navigating strategies for success

Edge computing presents unique challenges and limitations when compared to traditional data centres. This report provides practical guidance for edge operators aiming to achieve sustainability goals.

Analysing edge computing M&A trends

This report summarises the value and trends of M&A deals related to edge computing, covering the time period of the last four years. The report highlights key deals and company spotlights, as well as providing insights into the expected M&A activity over the next year.

Edge computing market sizing forecast: Third release

Our report forecasts $462bn in global demand for edge computing services in 2030. We explore the global demand for on-prem, network, and regional edge represented by 20 use cases and 16 verticals. The forecast helps telcos and other edge providers to identify which areas of the market and the value chain are most suitable for them to capture.