STL Partners Senior Strategy Events

We run invitation-only events in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas for industry leaders. They include strategy seminars and executive brainstorms that address the most pressing topics of the day.

Monetising 5G: How OSS/BSS must change to enable new business models

Date: 6 May 2021

STL Partners are running an invite-only event for telecoms executives and their partners to discuss the changing requirements of OSS and BSS. Without investing in these critical capabilities alongside their networks, we believe operators will struggle to support: new charging models, new services like network slicing, new products and product delivery models and new innovation cycles. Essentially, they risk 5G being just another G. ​

During the event, we will discuss and evaluate the impact of trends such as the move to real-time streaming analytics and the convergence of IT and OT data.

This event is being supported by VoltDB. ​


  • Introductions, housekeeping and aims for the event
  • Presentation of STL Partners research– Monetising 5G: How IT/OT convergence will enable new business models
  • Group discussion via break out rooms
    • Discussion of specific use cases in more detail:
    • Policy mgmt., rating and charging, fraud prevention and customer management
    • Evaluation of 5G impact on use case
    • Identification of challenges and potential solutions to changing the status quo of the use case (including technical, skills, organisation, regulation, change management etc.)
  • Feedback to main group, wrap up and Q&A

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