STL Partners Senior Strategy Events

We run invitation-only events in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas for industry leaders. They include strategy seminars and executive brainstorms that address the most pressing topics of the day.


Middle East and Asia summits 2019: write up from two of our invitation-only events

STL Partners hosted two events in December 2019, one in Dubai and one in Singapore.

These events focused on the implications and strategies for 5G for industrial transformation, with a deep-dive into healthcare and manufacturing. STL Partners presented extensive forecasting and research and we held an open discussion with operators on their strategies and the regional implications of our work.

The following document summarises some of the learnings and gives a sense of the sort of material we like to cover in our invitation-only summits.

Upcoming roundtable

STL Partners Roundtable 2020

In this event, STL Partners will draw on extensive research into 5G in the transport and logistics industry, as well as 5G’s role in accelerating the move to lower carbon emissions. As part of this research we have conducted interviews with executives within the respective industries, and surveyed hundreds of stakeholders across developing and developed markets to understand their unique challenges and explore the value that 5G can bring to them.

The event is targeted at senior telco executives looking to better understand the needs of different industries and the commercial options they should be looking to pursue.

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