CloudOps: Thought leadership on ways telecoms can monetize B2B edge services

Case study overview

​STL Partners helped CloudOps to build thought leadership around operators’ edge computing and B2B strategies.

We conducted in-depth research into the edge computing market in Europe to understand how telcos are thinking about leveraging edge services in the context of existing cloud, network services, private cellular and 5G.

Through an extensive interview programme with technology and strategy leaders from European operators, we derived first-hand insights into how telcos can:

  • Assess whether they can leverage existing B2B services, customers and partners versus where they need to invest to fill the gaps
  • Understand which factors may affect how successful they are in offering new edge services
  • Prioritise which edge services they could offer to B2B customers

Based on the interviews and wider edge research we identified the five key types of edge services that operators can offer to address the B2B edge computing opportunity, and the steps that telcos can take to achieve success, according to their existing capabilities, relationships and resources.

Our key insights from the research programme fed into a thought leadership report, which acts as a tool that CloudOps can leverage to better engage with prospects and customers, and structure discussions around operators’ edge computing goals.

Strategic marketing services pack

Find out how we can help you:

  • Develop insights-led marketing
  • Position your company as a thought-leader
  • Engage with telco decision-makers

Few analyst firms are as well versed on the edge computing landscape as STL Partners. Their talented analysts are friendly, insightful and went above and beyond in supporting the success of our initiative – around the ways telecoms can monetize B2B edge services.

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Project deliverables

Strategy report

The key findings from the research programme were distilled into a co-branded thought leadership report, aimed at key technology and strategy decision makers within telecoms operators, looking at five types of B2B edge services that telcos can offer and the key considerations to ensure success.


STL Partners leveraged the insights from the research programme through a webinar with 185+ live and on-demand viewers. This drove CloudOps’ engagement with European operators and the wider edge ecosystem.