Telco cloud: A key enabler in the
Coordination Age

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How to realise the telco cloud vision

Telco cloud is more than just a new approach to the network, it is also a fundamental shift in how telcos operate and innovate. As networks become more accessible and instructible, telco cloud enables operators to impart actionable insights and capabilities to meet the needs of applications and customers using it. This is about providing greater value in the Coordination Age.

However, realising this vision comes with challenges and the pathways of getting there can vary significantly. We are committed to working with those who share a vision for the industry that involves greater agility with Telco Cloud as a key foundation of success.

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Our dedicated research stream covers why telco cloud matters in the 5G era, how to make it happen, and how to measure success. NFV SDN, and beyond. It also includes access to the NFV Deployment Tracker, our industry-leading database of deployments.

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