Supporting a leading GCC operator in developing the business case and a partnership blueprint for global hyperscalers 

Case study overview

• A leading GCC telco wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the cloud market and sought assistance in constructing a business case for partnering with hyperscale cloud providers

• Board and C-level executives wanted to know which hyperscalers they should prioritize for partnerships and for what kind of services and offerings

• Engaging STL Partners, the company tasked them with developing a comprehensive business case for a pre-engaged hyperscaler, aiming to quantify the partnership’s ROI over a five-year period for approval by the finance team

Additionally, STL Partners conducted an evaluation of sixteen global hyperscale providers to pinpoint priority services and deliver final recommendations on the most appealing partnership opportunities

Consulting services overview

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  • Analyse market trends and dynamics
  • Conduct market sizing and forecasting
  • Prioritise initiatives for new growth

Example deliverables

What was the approach?

STL devised a four stage project to frame the client’s thinking and form a comprehensive five-year hyperscaler partnership strategy

• Aligned on the mission and goals for each of the business units

• Built the business case for a pre-engaged hyperscaler and quantified the partnership’s ROI

• Provided an overview of the cloud market in the region and developed a partnership blueprint for 16 global hyperscalers

Finalised strategic recommendations and priority hyperscaler partnerships for each different business unit

Key results from the project

16 global hyperscalers evaluated, 3 priority partnerships identified, 12x identified increase in enterprise revenues by 2025, 105 MN revenue in partnership with one hyperscaler in Y5, 30+ group-wide stakeholders aligned.

Example deliverables