​​Intro to the Open RAN ROI tool​

STL Partners is excited to launch the first version of its open RAN ROI tool. 

The tool compares the value for a given operator of investing in open RAN, defined as virtualised and disaggregated RAN, over the 2021–2030 period versus a base case scenario with a continued appliance-based architecture. It features 30+ operators and uses the operators’ key metrics to build a simple financial model with capex, opex and revenue prediction in the two scenarios. It compares both outcomes and quantify the potential savings and revenue uplift enabled by open RAN, as well as their timings. 

Although the tool does not represent a digital twin of the networks it features, it is built with enough robustness to give a realistic output for all 30+ operators. As an editable and live Excel-based model, the user can edit and refine it to tailor it to individual cases.  

The open RAN ROI tool can be used in the following ways:

  • Telcos featured in the tool can use it to quantify the ROI of investing in open RAN according to various scenarios on the scale and the timing of their migration 
  • Telcos and other industry players can use it to understand the possible range of the financial benefits associated with open RAN, according to likely scenarios regarding its adoption 
  • Vendors can use the tool to demonstrate the value of their open RAN proposition through real-life examples. 

Last updated: 22 February 2023 

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