STL Partners’ Edge Insights Service

Directional insights on the edge opportunity for the telecoms industry

Develop a rich understanding of the edge computing opportunity with our new research service

STL Partners’ Edge Insights Service provides a combination of three tools to support telecoms operators and technology companies in developing their edge computing strategies 

In addition to the tools, subscribers to the service has access to analyst time with some of the leading experts in the industry. This time can be used to deep dive on a specific use case or partner or for general market updates and strategy conversations.

The Edge Insights Service is designed to be dynamic and respond to a rapidly developing ecosystem 

  • The edge ecosystem tool is update daily with the latest relevant news
  • New companies are added to the ecosystem tool on a fortnightly basis
  • New use cases and case study examples are added to the use case directory on a quarterly basis

Sample content from the Use Case Directory illustrates the value the service can bring