TELUS Health: Communicating an innovative healthcare vision

Case study overview

The healthcare industry is proving to be one of the most interesting avenues for operators to explore as a way to drive new growth for their businessesHowever, the journey towards success in the industry is not easy and operators must define a clear strategy now to gain future credibility. 

STL Partners’ Digital Health practice area is tailor-made for operators that are looking for a trusted advisor to help them navigate this unchartered territory. See how we have supported our long-time partnerTELUS Health, on its journey to harness the digital health opportunity.  

STL Partners and TELUS Health have a longstanding relationship. Over the years, STL partners has helped TELUS Health to:  

  • Organise and facilitate an event at MWC to engage with potential operator partners while promoting TELUS Health’s Platform and the digital health opportunity for telcos; 
  • Develop a comprehensive whitepaper on TELUS Health’s strategy; 
  • Synthesise key learnings from the TELUS Carrier Health Summit and promote TELUS Health as a thought leader in the digital health space 

Digital health insights pack

Find out how we can help you:

  • Develop insights-led marketing
  • Position your company as a thought-leader
  • Engage with telco decision-makers

STL’s insight, interest, and work on Telco 2.0 provided an invaluable perspective on TELUS’s activity over the last ten years in the health vertical and helps TELUS to work with other telcos internationally in health

TELUS Health


Project deliverables

Organised and facilitated an event at MWC

STL Partners and TELUS Health engaged in a consulting project in 2018. As part of the project, we designed, facilitated, and recruited for an event at MWC that promoted the digital health opportunity for telecoms players as well as TELUS Health’s platform and its journey to success.  

During the event, STL Partners team and TELUS CTO delivered presentations and opened conversations with potential operator partners. Overall, STL Partners recruited 25 participants from various telecom operators who were interested in learning more about the ways operators can engage in the digital health sector.  

Example deliverables

Developed a comprehensive whitepaper

STL Partners wrote an independent case study on TELUS Health’s strategy to:

  • Educate internal stakeholders within the wider organisation on the company’s health strategy
  • Help TELUS communicate its healthcare vision with the telco community as it embarked on its international growth strategy

To produce the report, STL Partners conducted an in-depth interview programme with C-suite executives from both TELUS and TELUS Health. The findings of the report were shared during the TELUS Carrier Health Summit which STL Partners facilitated.

Promoted TELUS Health as a thought leader

In 2019, STL Partners participated at TELUS Carrier Health Summit in Toronto, Canada. As a result, we published a report on the key lessons from the event that might be useful to internal and external stakeholders.

In 2020, STL Partners organised a telco health strategies webinar that featured presentations from TELUS Health and Babylon Health. The event gathered various players from the telecom space and helped promote TELUS Health’s thought leadership among members of the wider community.