Webinar: Service and business model innovation: why agility will be key in enabling new revenue streams from 5G

We will explore the opportunity unlocked by 5G slicing for live video capture for real-time event and news content production by broadcasters, enterprises other and streaming media providers. We examine the key challenges and factors that CSPs need to address on their journey to introducing slicing-enabled services. As part of their journey to maximise 5G-enabled revenue streams, CSPs will need to focus on meeting customer needs whilst upgrading capabilities: more agile, flexible, quick time to market, with a scalable SaaS architecture.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

– What are the new 5G revenue opportunities?
– How can telcos ensure they best address new revenue streams from 5G?
– Why agility, scalability and flexibility are key to 5G service innovation?
– How can 5G network slicing create new revenue streams for operators? For example, what is the opportunity for CSPs enabled by 5G network slicing for live video ingest?
– What capabilities do CSPs need to support these new use cases, business models and partnerships? Where do managed services fit into this capability mix and what sort of managed services are needed?

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