Webinar: What’s the problem with open RAN: Is vRAN the answer?

Open RAN has been described as a number of things: a set of technologies, a movement, or a new way for the ecosystem of operators / vendors / integrators to work together. What open RAN has not done is fulfil predictions that commercial deployments would take off in 2022. Operators that have been advocates of open RAN remain committed to it, but this year has not marked any significant progress in how widely it has been adopted: a lot of trials, but no new, large-scale deployments, except for US newbie DISH.

vRAN on the other hand, which differs from open RAN primarily in the fact that it remains an integrated and single-vendor solution for the RU, CU and DU, has attracted increasing interest and been the focus of major deployments from brownfield operators, Verizon in particular.

In this webinar we will explore the following questions:

  • Is open RAN an over-specified solution for most use cases?
  • Why are some operators currently choosing the vRAN option rather than – or in addition to – open RAN?
  • And will large-scale adoption of vRAN now help or hinder long-term adoption of open RAN?

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