Webinar: Open RAN: Breaking the performance barrier

The potential benefits of Open RAN are widely understood – greater efficiency, more innovation, lower total cost of ownership. However, the reality is that today’s landscape does not reflect this. Early Open RAN deployments have struggled with realising these benefits and have faced challenges in achieving the reliability, utilisation, energy efficiency, and in-life management that was promised.

The result is that the industry has been slow to make the transition to Open RAN – held back by a reluctance to make moves until the benefits have been proven. Proving the benefits, of course, is challenging without scaled deployments that both create and leverage a learning curve. What needs to move beyond this Catch-22? How can the industry break through the performance barrier, and unlock the true potential of Open RAN?

In this exclusive research briefing for telecoms operators, we will explore:

  • What (if any) performance improvements are operators seeing today from Open RAN?
  • Why are today’s Open RAN deployments less energy efficient, and what can operators do to change this?
  • How can operators address key challenges and accelerate the move to a highly efficient and performant Open RAN?
  • What role does the RIC play in unlocking greater Open RAN performance?

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