Webinar: Enabling web 3.0: the role of distributed edge computing

Web 3.0 promises to revolutionise the way that people consume the internet​.

But with its fundamental architecture change, it will require a fundamentally different set of underlying enablers and resources – if this is not solved then web 3.0 may continue to be “a good idea on paper” but not reach its full potential​.

In this webinar, we will draw on our extensive work in edge and cloud computing to consider the web 3.0 opportunity for operators and technology players. ​

We will explore:​

  • Key challenges and opportunities of web 3.0​
  • A deep-dive into the role edge computing can play in enhancing and delivering web 3.0 infrastructure and services​
  • The ecosystem of players that will need to collaborate to deliver an edge-enabled web 3.0​
  • Where next for the industry​

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