Webinar – Virtualisation: reaching tipping point

Virtualisation is a game changer for telecoms

Webinar broadcast: Wednesday 22 May 2019

Virtualisation (NFV) and SDN fundamentally change network infrastructure and service agility. And telcos that act early could gain an advantage. In reality, few operators have taken up the challenge.

So what’s the right approach to match your business needs? How can you gauge when’s the right time to move – and how do you find a helicopter view of what’s happening in the market? Which vendors are selling which solutions, to whom – and why?

In this webinar, we’ll show how – with 5G on the horizon – telco virtualisation is at a tipping point. And look at data from the NFV deployment tracker, which aggregates information on commercial deployments globally.

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Our presenters


Matt Pooley, Senior Consultant, STL Partners

One of STL Partners’ specialists in NFV, Matt has a particular interest in digital transformation and the power of network change to drive business opportunities. Aside from virtualisation, Matt has led major consulting projects around go to market activity, the use of big data and AI. He regularly presents at industry events.

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David Martin, Associate Senior Analyst

David has followed and reported on NFV/SDN since its inception. He brings his considerable research experience to STL Partners on IoT and vendor strategies as well as virtualisation. As a regular contributor to our research agenda, he is a powerful advocate for digital transformation.

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