Webinar: Edge AI: How will AI impact the adoption of edge infrastructure?

Interest in AI following the release of Open AI’s GPT 3 has lit the world on fire. Decision-makers and investors across several industries are accelerating their investment in the problem-solving technology, hoping it can drive better business outcomes. But where does edge computing come into the equation?

The relationship between AI and edge computing is an inherently intertwined one. Edge computing permits enterprises to run mission-critical applications enabled by AI effectively, accommodating for use cases that require low latency and real-time insights or action. Given the significant concerns around data security and cost of sending large volumes of raw data to be processed in the cloud, edge can unlock the potential that these models create. AI will also impact the type of edge infrastructure required to support increasingly sophisticated AI models deployed at scale.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • What is edge AI?
  • How does edge computing benefit AI use cases?
  • Is AI increasing the demand for edge from enterprise and application developers?
  • How does the ecosystem prepare for this technology wave?

We will also have a live panel of subject matter experts for a Q&A session.

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