Webinar: Bridging the digital divide: regional ISP innovation

Recent research from STL Partners and A10 Networks has highlighted how regional ISPs across North America are leveraging innovative technology and organisational models to bridge the digital divide. To succeed, however, regional ISPs must disrupt both technologically and organisationally, ensuring that they continue to serve these communities in a commercially viable manner.

We hear directly from two ISP innovators, Trilogy Networks (Venky Swaminathan, CTO) and Bluewater Regional Networks (Carla Ann Anderson, Operations Manager). We will also hear from A10 Networks (Terry Young, Service Provider Product Marketing). We discuss:

  • What forms of innovation regional ISPs can use to close the digital divide
  • How Trilogy supports an ecosystem of over 2,000 regional ISPs by connecting them to cutting edge cloud
  • How Bluewater achieved 60% market penetration of the local large enterprise market within five years from scratch

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