Webinar: How private 5G is transforming enterprise business operations: lessons learned from real deployments

Private 5G is enabling innovation across key verticals and transforming the relationship between mobile operators and enterprises.

To realise maximum benefit from these opportunities, operators must understand the industry-specific needs of enterprises, who the key enterprise stakeholders are, and what their role is as they take private 5G solutions to market.

In this webinar, we will draw on our extensive work in private cellular and enterprise services to consider the private 5G opportunity for operators. We explore:

  • The pressures and opportunities that lead enterprises to seek enhanced connectivity solutions from private 5G
  • A deep-dive into the industry-specific key metrics that enterprises use for assessing the business case for private 5G
  • Commercial and partnership models spanning operators, vendors and system integrators that see the most success when taking 5G solutions to enterprises
  • Typical deployment and operating models, including the telco right to play and what enterprises expect

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