Webinar: Telco to techco: how to manage this transformation

All telcos are different – different markets, different resources, and different ambitions. However, they all share the need to modernise their infrastructure, evolving their services and business models to deliver quality for their customers and adapt to new competition.

Telcos are at an inflection point with technology and business models, and there are universal lessons they can all take heed of.

Leveraging findings from an extensive interview programme and survey with 50 operators in the APAC region, this event will explore the following key questions:

  • How much progress have telcos made in their network transformation?
  • To what extent are telcos adopting cloud-native business practices, e.g. DevOps, and skills?
  • Which KPIs should telcos be using going forward to track transformation?
  • What lessons can those more advanced in their journey teach to those further behind?
  • What new businesses should telcos be developing to monetise 5G and edge computing in the B2B sector?

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