Webinar: Pursuing hyperscale economics: What’s the role of disaggregation and cloud native?

What is “hyperscale economics” and why should telcos care?

Today, telco capabilities are expanding in line with their costs which poses a key problem given that the level of disruption from within and outside the telecoms industry is becoming increasingly acute. The advent of cloud native technologies and the promise of hyperscale economics has the potential to potentially disrupt the market and change the pace, but the means of pursuing or achieving that is still unclear.

Our session will present insights from research with senior telco executives and explore:

  • How telcos should think about hyperscale economics and how to do it
  • What the role is of disaggregation and cloud native networking in pursuing hyperscale
  • Key potential opportunities or “breakthroughs” for hyperscale
  • Barriers, challenges and how to overcome them

We will also have a live panel and Q&A with leading telco individuals.

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