Webinar: Monetizing network slicing: How CSPs can productize network slicing for live broadcast capture

5G network slicing promises to provide telcos with the opportunity to differentiate and capture new opportunities with 5G.

Live video broadcast is a leading use case for network slicing, with organisations already exploring how 5G enabled cameras and contribution links can transform the broadcast industry through lightweight content capture teams and centralised production groups. To participate in this opportunity, telcos need to understand the value chain, how to develop and scale new business models, and how to participate in the burgeoning ecosystem of partners.

In 2021, Ericsson collaborated with the Bundesliga to trial the impact of 5G on sports coverage production at Dusseldorf Fortuna’s 5G-enabled stadium. To fully enable the benefit of real-time video transmission to production locations, Ericsson provided the required network slice to protect broadcasting from interference from spectators’ smartphones. Ericsson joins STL in this webinar to outline the opportunity for telcos.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

– How can 5G slicing can enable efficiency in broadcast operations?
– What is the opportunity for telcos and how can they leverage existing strengths?
– How do opportunities for service providers vary between business models?
– What types of broadcast partnerships are out there and what do they mean for the telco?
– What models should telcos use to monetise slicing?

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