Webinar: 6G: Hype versus reality

Is it too early to start talking about 6G? STL believes “no” – this is exactly the right time to define goals, priorities and directions – and also to debunk some emerging myths before they start. 6G is important because it represents a chance to fix the limitations already visible with 5G, and to reflect the rapid changes in both supply-side industry structure and demand-side shifts in network ownership and operation.

At this stage it is unclear exactly what requirements will be defined for 6G (as part of ITU’s work on IMT2030), which design features and technologies will be included within it – and, even whether there will be a single, global standard presided over by a single standards body. Join this webinar to hear STL’s view on:

  • Why 6G matters and what we can be certain about now
  • What capabilities & services 6G will power
  • Key players in 6G development
  • Key drivers, variables and barriers for 6G

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