Disruptors Research

What are the threats, opportunities and lessons from telcos from disruptors’s business strategies?

January 2020

Cashing in on the end of cash

The global shift away from cash opens up a variety of potentially lucrative opportunities for telcos. What should telcos do to capitalise on the synergies between telecoms and financial services?

January 2020

Softbank: An overstretched telco or unique innovator?

As a conglomerate with growing investments across the Internet of Things and AI value chains, SoftBank is a unique and intriguing player in the telecoms industry. What exactly is SoftBank’s strategy, and does it give its telecoms businesses a competitive advantage?

November 2019

Cloud gaming: New opportunities for telcos?

How telcos should be preparing for the seismic shift in the video games market signposted by Google’s new Stadia cloud gaming service.

September 2019

How telcos can flex their physical strength

Amazon provides telecoms operators with a playbook on how to combine physical and digital assets into a compelling customer proposition. This report discusses how telcos can learn from and partner with Amazon.

February 2019

Can telcos help cities combat congestion?

How telcos can partner with disruptors and innovators, such as Uber, Bird and Lime, to carve a role for themselves in urban travel and address the myriad challenges facing cities.

July 2018

Uber and Tesla: What telcos should do

Uber and Tesla are at the forefront of a new age of personal transportation in which wireless connectivity will play a major role. Both of these disruptors could be important partners for telcos, while offering lessons about consumer engagement, relationships with regulators and strategic thinking.

March 2018

Can Netflix and Spotify make the leap to the top tier?

What the leading on-demand entertainment specialists – Netflix and Spotify – will need to do the mount a serious challenge to GAFA in the top tier of Internet platforms and how telcos can help them make the online world more competitive.

November 2017

Telcos and GAFA: Dancing with the disruptors

Telcos and the major Internet platforms increasingly rely on each other. What kinds of agreements should operators enter into with Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google and what should they avoid?

August 2017

Facebook’s Telecom Infra Project: What is it good for?

Facebook set up the Telecom Infra Project in 2016 to drive open source standards in core telecoms hardware and network operations. In this report we examine the implications of this project for telcos and other industry players, and recommend how they should respond.

June 2017

Apple’s pivot to services: What it means for telcos

With iPhone sales apparently peaking, Apple is looking to double its revenue from services over the next four years to approximately US$50 billion, taking it deeper into adjacent markets, such as entertainment, financial services and communications.

September 2015

Baidu, Xiaomi & DJI: China’s Fast Growing Digital Disruptors

Baidu, China’s answer to Google, is one of the world’s leading Internet companies by market capitalisation. But can Baidu break out of the Middle Kingdom? Fast-growing smartphone maker, Xiaomi, is building a multi-faceted ecosystem and a tribal brand among young people.

February 2012

Dealing with the ‘Disruptors’: Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft/Skype and Amazon (Updated Extract)

An extract from our 284 page, 124 chart, strategy report that analyses the business models, markets, objectives, strategies and modus operandi of the major adjacent players, and their current and future impact on the telecoms industry.