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Reliance Unlimit IoT stack and partners

Reliance Unlimit’s IoT technology stack (chart)

Source: STL Partners Unlimit was established in 2016 as the branch of Reliance Group (including Jio) to capture the opportunities presented by the development of the Indian IoT market. At the time, the market seemed ready to adopt IoT solutions and various Indian government initiatives were stressing the importance of the IoT for Indian economies. In order to capture this …

Percentage of consumers willing to purchase cybersecurity from their service provider

Telco opportunity in consumer cybersecurity (chart)

Source: STL Partners survey of 1100+ consumers globally, conducted in April-May 2020. Details of survey participants are included in the accompanying report. Our consumer survey found that the majority of consumers are willing to purchase cybersecurity services from their broadband provider and that, across consumer segments, there is a willingness to pay for security coverage beyond basic malware prevention. Operators …

The changing consumer landscape: Telco strategies for success

Driven in part by the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for both core broadband and value-added services is growing. This presents new challenges and opportunities for operators seeking growth “in the home”. However, traditional growth strategies, such as the triple play proposition, have reached maturity – telcos must therefore find new ways to drive sustained growth and stay relevant in the space.

COVID 19 impact on telecoms survey

COVID-19: Impact on telco priorities

This research is based on a survey of more than 200 respondents across operators, vendors and others in the telecoms industry, between 21st April and 8th May 2020. It covers perceptions of likely changes in telco investment priorities and activities over the next few months in 2020.

5G Bridging the gap from hype to reality

5G: Bridging hype, reality and future promises

What should telcos do to bridge the gaps between current hype, actual performance, and future promises on 5G? We argue that a data-driven and forensic approach to roll-out and marketing will be the key, particularly in the uncertain economic environment driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, and review the timelines for future applications.

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