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AI on the Smartphone: What telcos should do

Artificial intelligence (AI) is more powerful and affordable than ever, and the leading consumer-facing AI platforms – Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon – are in an arms race to bring the technology to smartphones. AI will radically change the way people use smartphones, but what are the implications for data traffic and consumer expectations, and what role should telcos play in this evolution?

Digital Health: How Can Telcos Compete with Google, Apple and Microsoft?

Digital solutions supporting consumer health and wellness are proliferating, driven by the take-up of wearables and a growing supply of data from consumers, advertisers, insurers and healthcare providers. In this report we explore the ecosystem, and discuss the key players and opportunities, the likeliest areas for disruption, and the potential opportunities for telcos, as well as presenting case studies of the digital health strategies of Google, Apple and Microsoft.

Digital Asia 2012 Event Analysis Report: Is your business moving fast enough?

Digital Asia 2012 Event Analysis Report: Is your business moving fast enough?

At the Digital Asia Executive Brainstorm in Singapore, December 2012, we saw that all economies in SE Asia are now innovating rapidly in digital commerce, entertainment and public sector services, and in mobile in particular. There are both unique opportunities and transferable lessons, and a key theme is that companies need to transform even faster to take advantage of the opportunities and prosper. (December 2012)
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Mobile Commerce: MEF Global Survey Results

MEF’s Global Consumer Survey 2012 questioned 9,500 mobile media users in ten countries: US, UK, China, India, Qatar, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. Download the executive summary here – there’s also a special 30% Telco 2.0 discount code on the full report. (November 2012)
Google’s Advertising Revenues Cascade

Can Telcos Unlock the Value of their Consumer Data?

Can Telcos Unlock the Value of their Consumer Data?

Telcos have a significant market opportunity to act as custodians of ‘digital personas’, giving consumers the power to exploit their own data. This is an extract from a special 100 page report containing expert contributions and detailed analysis on privacy issues, legal and regulatory frameworks, technological solutions, adjacent competition, and including ‘best and next practice’ and scenario analysis, from the 1st Telco 2.0 International Summit on Consumer Data and Privacy. (Special Report, April 2010, Executive Briefing Service)

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