Telecoms 2030 Part 2: Understanding the forces of change

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Part two of this three-part report series examines the influence and impact of external forces that will shape telcos’ journeys as they adapt to survive and compete in the future.

Telcos must accommodate competing forces of change as they look to transform for the future

Telecoms 2030 Part 1 considered the growth potential of the traditional telco business model based on resource allocation, revenue generation and market capitalisation. With the conclusion that telcos must transform their business models, not only to compete in the future, but to survive in the future. As shown in the graphic below, Part 1 outlines this need for change, providing three possible business models that traditional telcos will have to adopt by 2030 – Servco, Infraco and Techco.


What Telcos Could Look Like in 2030

Source: STL Partners


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There are multiple sources of pressure driving change in telecoms 

Telecoms 2030 Part 2 focuses on the key sources of change for telcos, identifying the external forces that will shape the journeys that telcos undertake and highlighting the need for internal transformation. STL has selected the four most important pressures to consider, as shown in the graphic below.


External pressures driving telco change

Source: STL Partners


This report is the second of three focused on telecoms strategy and transformation

Table of contents

  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • External forces shaping telco journeys
    • Macro environment
    • Market
    • Stakeholders
    • Technology
  • Conclusions

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Rosalind Craven


Rosalind Craven

Senior Analyst

Rosalind Craven is a Senior Analyst at STL Partners, specialising in telecoms strategy, customer experience and consumer telecoms services.