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How can telcos grow in the Coordination Age

Three ‘must dos’ for telecoms growth

Telecoms is still stuck in a rut As positive news about vaccines spreads increasing cheer in mid-November 2020, by and large, the capital markets have not revalued telecoms in the same way as other sectors. Figure 1: Telecoms stocks have not rebounded as much as most other sectors Source: FT.com sector indices …yet the industry has done well in COVID …

How to build trust in a self-healing network

AI in network operations: How do you build trust in a self-healing network?

One of the key challenges in the shift towards more autonomous networks is ensuring trust in the AI models supporting automation, especially for the network engineers who will still remain accountable for network performance even when they are relying on automated and intelligent systems. The goal of a self healing / self-optimising network is to monitor the network in real-time, …

what is AI analytics and automation worth to telcos

A3 for telcos: Mapping the financial value

We consider the potential financial value of adding analytics, AI and automation (A3) into a telco’s processes. Our modelling assesses the value of A3 in more than 150 processes across core network operations, customer care channels, and sales and marketing.

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