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A predicted timeline of 5G developments, 2018–2026

A predicted timeline of 5G developments, 2018–2026

In June 2018, STL Partners made several predictions about the pace of 5G development. These predictions took into account factors acting as brakes and accelerants for 5G, and their potential impact on the overall ecosystem’s evolution. The intention was to get beyond the 5G hype to understand how quickly 5G would be in place and delivering the much-publicized benefits that have …

CFOs must drive telecoms business model change (chart)

CFOs must drive telecoms business model change (chart)

Source: Company accounts; STL Partners analysis Telecoms operator strategies have been centred around transformation, yet change has been slow. STL Partners believes CFO resource allocation models are limiting telco agility and innovation – the goals of transformation. Telecoms operators have been investing capital in ‘scarce’ spectrum and fibre networks to provide value to customers and keep competitors out – they …

COVID 19 impact on telecoms survey

COVID-19: Impact on telco priorities

This research is based on a survey of more than 200 respondents across operators, vendors and others in the telecoms industry, between 21st April and 8th May 2020. It covers perceptions of likely changes in telco investment priorities and activities over the next few months in 2020.

How the Coordination Age changes the game

Telecoms is moving into its third age: the Coordination Age. Why was it so hard for telcos to adapt when content shifted from the physical to the virtual world with the growth of the Internet, and how can they learn from past experience to create new value in the next seismic change in telecoms and content?

The Coordination Age: A third age of telecoms

The global digital economy is moving into a new age: The Coordination Age. A global need to improve the efficiency of resource utilisation is manifesting in industries and individuals as a desire to “make the world work better”. What role can telcos play in this, and will that ultimately mean the break-up of the telco as we know it?

telco 2.0

Telco 2.0: Choose your future – while you still can

All telcos know they need to change. We believe the defining characteristic of those that will grow most is a clear focus on where and how they can create value beyond connectivity. This report lays out the two viable paths forward, and six steps all telcos must take in this new version of the Telco 2.0 vision.

BBVA: Traditional retail bank embraces digital disruption

Retail banks are threatened by a new breed of focused and fast digital firms – fintech – that offer cheaper and more tailored financial services. BBVA management saw this threat early and acted decisively to ensure it remained competitive. Telcos have much to learn from this.

Accor hotels

AccorHotels: From hotelier to digital marketplace

Telcos can draw ten lessons around organisational structure, strategy and staying relevant with customers from AccorHotels’ rapid digital transformation. This is the second in our series of transformation case studies from outside the telecoms sector.

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