Network API monetisation forecast 2023–2030: Growth beyond anti-fraud

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The telecoms industry is awash with talk of the revenue opportunity from network exposure. This report highlights the main findings from our recently released network API monetisation market forecast tool, focusing on the use cases and APIs which will generate long-term growth.

About STL Partners’ network API monetisation forecast

This report presents the analysis of our first forecast for network API monetisation. The forecast is based on a bottom-up model analysing the demand for 18 network APIs from 42 main use cases. It shows the projected spend across 16 verticals and in 33 countries, seven regions and worldwide over the 2023 to 2030 period.

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The value of network APIs will reach US$34 billion by 2030

High-level findings from the model indicate that:

  • The total value of network APIs market will grow from US$4 billion in 2023 to US$34 billion in 2030 at a CAGR of 34% over the 7-year period.
  • This value will be spread between realisable revenues through direct and indirect channels (where aggregators will take a margin) and enablement value to support operators’ edge computing or private network strategies.
  • Early value will be driven by the low-hanging fruit of the identity family of APIs, though growth in network performance APIs will drive longer term revenue and unlock enablement value.

Global network API revenue opportunity 2023 – 2030 – Identity vs. non-identity

Source: STL Partners – Network API monetisation forecast April 2024

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Table of contents

  • Executive summary
  • Analysis of APIs
  • Analysis of use cases
  • Methodology overview
  • Appendix

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Darius Singh

Darius Singh

Darius Singh

Consulting Director & Practice Lead at STL Partners

Darius Singh is the Consulting Director & Practice Lead at STL Partners. He has led a range of client projects within edge computing, 5G, and data analytics