Network API monetisation forecast 2023–2030: Growth beyond anti-fraud

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The telecoms industry is awash with talk of the revenue opportunity from network exposure. This report highlights the main findings from our recently released network API monetisation market forecast tool, focusing on the use cases and APIs which will generate long-term growth.


Format: PDF filePages: 30 pagesAuthor: Darius Singh, Yannick MayaudPublication Date: May 2024

Network APIs are the new moniker for 5G monetisation but to reap the benefits of network exposure, operators must ensure that they focus their investment on the APIs with the best long-term revenue opportunity. This analysis of our 2023-2030 network API monetisation market forecast provides insights on where that opportunity lies.

Table of Contents

  • Executive summary
  • Analysis of APIs
  • Analysis of use cases
  • Methodology overview
  • Appendix

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Network API monetisation forecast by API family, 2023-2030
  • Figure 2: Network API monetisation forecast by use case category, 2023-2030
  • Figure 3: Network API monetisation forecast by revenue type, 2023-2030
  • Figure 4: Network API monetisation forecast by industry vertical, 2023-2030
  • Figure 5: Network API monetisation revenue by region, 2030
  • Figure 6: GSMA Open Gateway public launches (May 2024)
  • Figure 7: Network API monetisation forecast, identity APIs, 2023-2030
  • Figure 8a: Number verify + SIM swap revenue, by type
  • Figure 8b: KYC – Match & fill-in revenue, by type
  • Figure 9: Network API monetisation forecast, network performance APIs, 2023-2030
  • Figure 10: Network API monetisation forecast, location APIs, 2023-2030
  • Figure 11: Network API monetisation forecast, edge APIs, 2023-2030
  • Figure 12: Network API monetisation forecast, device status APIs, 2023-2030
  • Figure 13: Percentage of use case category revenue distributed between five API families
  • Figure 14: API use cases demoed as PoCs or trials at a Mobile World Congress in 2023 and 2024
  • Figure 15a: Anti-fraud opportunity, by revenue type
  • Figure 15b: Autonomous vehicles opportunity, by revenue type
  • Figure 15c: Advertising and marketing opportunity, by revenue type
  • Figure 16: Percentage of each industry vertical revenue distributed between ten use case categories


Technologies and industry terms referenced include: Aggregators, Anti-fraud, autonomous vehicles, CAMARA, Deutsche Telekom, Device status APIs, drones, Edge APIs, Enterprise IT, Ericsson, GSMA open gateway, Identity APIs, infobip, IoT, Location APIs, network APIs, Network performance APIs, Nokia, Quality on demand API, Telefonica, Video analysis, Vonage