Intro to the telco data monetisation use case directory

Telcos have an abundance of rich first and second party data, both on their customers and about their networks, that they are searching for ways to monetise. Data sourced from Business Support Systems (BSS), location, and network data relating to IoT, holds possible value for operators but they have faced numerous challenges in unlocking this potential. 

STL partners has previously produced research exploring how to monetise this data and related telco servicers on a strategic level…  in this in-depth directory, STL evaluates 19 of the most successful of these use cases as part of our Enterprise Platforms research service. These are all proven use cases with case studies of existing deployments, examples of the partner ecosystem necessary to bring propositions to market, and the potential size/ease of addressing the opportunity. 

The service is focused on: 

  • Helping telcos understand what data they have and how this can be effectively monetised through new propositions across a number of verticals 
  • Educating vendors or cloud providers who may wish to demonstrate to their telco partners how they can support them in making the most of data they already own or leverage existing expertise.  

This service will help users discover the best data monetisation opportunities, understand the key considerations, and inform go-to-market strategies. To subscribe, or simply find out more, feel free to click here to arrange a call with our team. 

The Data Monetisation Use Case Service includes 19 use cases and provides detailed insight and analysis, including: 

  • Use case descriptions and diagrams 
  • Revenue modelling  
  • Data required and description of platform needed 
  • Case studies of existing deployments 
  • Weight of privacy implication 
  • Market maturity and competitiveness 

We cover a number of verticals within this directory including Agriculture, Government, Extractive industries, Financial services, Healthcare, Media, Retail, Tourism and Transport.  

Download overview of the telco data monetisation use case directory