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Different hyperscalers have different telco strategies: comparison between Azure, AWS and Google Cloud (Chart)

The above illustration shows somewhat the distinction between AWS’s and Google Cloud’s offer to telcos compared with Microsoft Azure’s. There are examples where telcos are relegated to a subordinate role in relation to Microsoft Azure, too: as a customer for NFaaS and as a mere platform and channel for Azure’s and its partners’ edge compute-enabled services. However, we do believe …

Jio: Ready to solve India’s problems (chart)

Jio: Ready to solve India’s problems (chart)

Source: STL Partners analysis Reliance Jio was launched by the Reliance Industries conglomerate in 2016, ready to solve India’s problems. This followed a turbulent and challenging time in the Indian telecommunications sector which had taken a toll on Bharti Airtel and Vodafone, among others. The historically interventionist government made it difficult for private sector telcos to make money. A change …

Fixed wireless access growth: To 20% homes by 2025

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is becoming a mainstream proposition across urban, rural and developing environments. 5G is an important enabler but not the only one. Unusually, FWA will benefit almost all market players – fixed and mobile operators, vendors, investors and regulators. This report contains our 5-year forecast and recommendations for all players.

US cloud gaming market forecast

Cloud gaming: Telcos could take a share of the $18bn US market (chart)

US cloud gaming market forecast Source: STL Partners Video gaming is a huge business, generating more revenues than movies earn at the box office and in the home combined. Now the video games market is poised to expand again with the arrival of mass-market cloud gaming services, which enable consumers to play video games using any device with a screen …

Partnering on telco edge computing: Hyperscalers’ edge strategy (chart)

Partnering on telco edge computing: Hyperscalers’ edge strategy (chart)

Hyperscalers are moving rapidly to expand their presence at the edge and create and exploit different opportunities. By 2018, Google, AWS and Microsoft Azure launched their stacks that support on-premise deployment and extend their services to hybrid cloud environments. Namely, Google Anthos, AWS Outposts and Azure Stack. Within the last year, all these hyperscalers have released versions of their solutions …

Apple Glass: An iPhone moment for 5G?

The delivery of ‘mixed reality’ experiences through various forms of AR / VR ‘glasses’ is improving, and Apple may be planning to enter the fray alongside other heavyweight players such as Amazon and Google. We review the realistic timescales, and the opportunities for telcos.

Telco ecosystems: How to make them work

Telcos (and others) have had mixed results from their experience of ecosystems. We look at AT&T Community, DTAG’s Qivicon, GSMA Mobile Connect, TIP and Android to analyse success factors and approaches to maximise the potential of future ecosystem initiatives.

Network convergence: How to deliver a seamless experience

How can multiple access technologies (4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, fixed line) be used together to deliver a resilient, optimised and consistent experience of network quality and coverage? An introduction to the landscape, opportunities and challenges in providing a single user experience across multiple networks.

Telco Cloud June Update: Hyperscalers vs. Telcos, NFV Goes Mainstream

Are hyperscale cloud players attractive telco partners, or are they going after the connectivity business? The industry is awash with questions. We look at some of this below – as well companies to watch. Meanwhile, we’re seeing several networking technologies moving along the maturity curve. Our data shows that NFV is now mainstream. Technologies that were previously just hype (Open …

Telco Cloud March Update: What’s coming for Telco Cloud in 2020?

What’s going on in the world of telco cloud? This month was supposed to be Mobile World Congress and as a result there has been a lot of noise. Our recent work has highlighted the importance of automation and orchestration. With that in mind, I’ve picked out a few of the more interesting announcements. You are welcome to disagree – …

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