Digital health: a major opportunity for telecoms

If healthcare is a part of your growth strategy, our digital health insights and support can help.

Why you should focus on digital health

The healthcare industry is changing on a global scale, bringing new challenges centred on a lack of available resources. Digital health technology enables better, more proactive, and more bespoke patient management at lower cost, and will therefore play a key role in driving necessary efficiency gains within the industry.

However, healthcare is still one of the least digitised sectors worldwide – this provides operators with a real and lasting opportunity to add value beyond core connectivity.

What our customers say

“STL Partners worked closely with us to accelerate the process of building compelling value propositions, including specific use cases and propositions for the healthcare sector”

Senior Strategy Manager, European Tier 1 Operator

“STL Partners brought a deep understanding of the healthcare market, coupled with a rigorous analytical approach and a collaborative and productive working environment, to support us in quantifying the impact of 5G on the industry”

Director and Principal Consultant – CTO Office, Global Technology Vendor

“The consulting team worked with professionalism and produced high-quality output that could be repurposed in a wide variety of ways”

Product Manager, Service Provider Analytics, for a multinational hardware and software company

“We worked closely with STL in true partnership to deliver high quality, actionable insights that were not available elsewhere”

Head of Cloud Edge for a global operator

“STL Partners’ deep insights and knowledge of the market supported us in shaping our healthcare strategy, and their approach drove collaboration across our team. Overall, STL over-delivered.”

Manager, Strategy and Participations for a European incumbent operator


The digital health opportunity for telcos

An overview of the opportunity in digital health for the telecoms industry and how telcos should address the healthcare market.


Coordinating the care of the elderly

Telcos are well placed to enable the healthcare sector to meet the rising demand for secure and reliable in-home monitoring and treatment for the elderly and infirm.


10 5G Healthcare use cases transforming digital health

In this article we outline 10 5G healthcare use cases which, as healthcare providers look to the future of their digital strategies, will support the long-term transformation of the industry and the move to digital health


Telco health strategies: TELUS and Babylon’s telehealth partnership

In the context of COVID-19, telehealth is clearly a key opportunity in healthcare. To understand what it takes for telcos to succeed in this market, listen to our webinar with David Thomas, Managing Principal of Global Health Strategy at TELUS, and Mairi Johnson, Head of Corporate Development at Babylon Health.

5 blockchain digital health applications


5 ways blockchain can drive digital health development

Blockchain is a powerful technology for enabling secure data sharing and access between multiple parties. This is a major challenge in digital health, where the privacy and security of medical data is paramount. Read more to see how blockchain can support transformation in healthcare.


Telehealth in emerging markets: Babyl closes the gap in healthcare inequality

Learn about how solutions, like Babyl in Rwanda, are enabling wider accessibility to healthcare services in emerging markets.


Four strategies for telcos in healthcare

The combination of improving health IT systems, more demanding patients, the growing maturity of analytics and AI, and rising cost pressures on healthcare systems together are creating a tipping point for growth in digital health. Which part of the digital health market should telcos play in, and how?


Digital health in South Korea: five examples of digital health beyond telemedicine

With relatively widespread 5G coverage, and high demand for 5G services, South Korea is seeing growing investment in digital health from its leading telecoms operators and their partners. In these examples of digital health, we explore how SKT and KT Corp leverage their connectivity, products and applications to serve the Korean healthcare market.


How COVID-19 is changing digital health – and what it means for telcos

Adoption of telehealth has skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, as healthcare systems shifted to telephone and virtual care almost overnight in order to lower the virus transmission rate. Which changes will last for the long term and how can telcos play a role?


Digital health at the edge: Three use cases for the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry must transform to meet growing demands on medical infrastructure and expertise. Edge computing will help drive this transformation and the move towards digital health, while also providing a potential role for operators in the ecosystem.


Telcos in health webinar

In this session Amy Cameron and Yesmean Luk looked at the opportunities for telcos in health. As a growing industry, with a national focus and significant digitisation challenges, healthcare is an attractive vertical for telcos seeking to build new revenues beyond core communications services.


Telcos in health – Part 2: How to crack the healthcare opportunity

In this report, we look at nine telcos’ approaches to the healthcare market to identify keys areas of opportunity and lessons on what it takes to succeed.


5G’s healthcare impact

This report explores the impact of 5G on the healthcare industry. It illustrates the benefits and example use cases, as well as quantifying the potential efficiency gains, that 5G will enable.


Telcos in health – Part 1: Where is the opportunity?

We look at overarching trends in digital health and how telcos, global internet players, and health focused software and hardware vendors are positioning themselves to address the needs of resource-strained healthcare providers.


TELUS Health: Innovation leader case study

Healthcare is an attractive vertical for telcos to address with digital solutions. Although many telcos have made attempts to capture this opportunity, TELUS stands out as an example of the value of a long-term commitment to healthcare. In this case study, we examine TELUS’ strategy in health, evidence of its success, and draw out lessons for other telcos.


Telcos in healthcare: Winning in a long game, Babylon, and the impact of 5G

Insights on the role for telcos in healthcare, the main lessons learned to date, and the impact of 5G on healthcare and telcos within it. From the TELUS Carrier Health Summit, Toronto, May 2019.


MedIoTek Health Systems Q&A: the state of digital health

Learn about the state of the digital health market, emerging applications like remote patient monitoring, and the potential role of the telco.


What is digital health? 5 Application areas telcos should focus on

We outline the key application areas across the patient journey where telcos can support the development of digital health 

Smart hospital


​How smart hospitals can improve healthcare​

With growing pressures on healthcare, and governments around the world facing rising healthcare costs, smart hospitals hold the potential to drive greater efficiency, improve quality of care and provide access for more people than ever before. This article looks at a number of use cases and at what telcos are doing in this space.

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