Identifying opportunities for growth in digital health

Case study overview

STL Partners helps our clients to identify, define and prioritise strategic opportunities to grow their revenues. We work collaboratively with key stakeholders to formulate new growth ideas and evaluate them based on our clients’ core objectives and capabilities. This approach brought together key decision makers within the organisation and created alignment.​t.

See how we supported a Tier 1 operator to:

  • Assess key trends in the healthcare market and in digital health;
  • Evaluate key lessons from other operators’ healthcare strategies;
  • Identify and prioritise strategic initiatives and develop a roadmap for growth.

Consulting services overview

Get in touch to find out how we can help you:

  • Analyse market trends and dynamics
  • Conduct market sizing and forecasting
  • Prioritise initiatives for new growth

STL Partners’ deep insight and knowledge of the market support used in shaping our healthcare strategy, and their approach drove collaboration across our team. Overall, STL over-delivered.

Manager, Strategy & Participations 
Tier-1 operator

Assessing key trends in digital health

STL Partners researched the wider trends in society and in the healthcare market, particularly focusing on the role of technology and the increased adoption of digital health solutions. Our analysis explored:

  • How the delivery of healthcare services is changing and the key factors driving that change;
  • Key technology trends that are transforming the healthcare market;
  • Different types of players in the global digital health ecosystem and the roles they play.
Example deliverables
Example deliverables

Evaluating key lessons from other operators

​STL Partners produced nine different operator healthcare case studies using both primary and secondary research.

This included an in-depth analysis of two operators who have both made significant long-term commitments: TELUS Health and Telstra Health. Each case study evaluated the strategy, key challenges they faced, implementation approach, and level of success they achieved.

Our client leveraged these lessons when developing their own healthcare strategy.

Identifying and prioritising strategic initiatives

STL Partners led a three-day highly strategy formulation and alignment workshop at the client’s offices with key stakeholders within the organisation. This included:

  • Presenting an overview of the key current trends in digital health and key learnings from other operators’ experiences;
  • Conducting a SWOT analysis to identify the client’s strengths and weaknesses as context for evaluating strategic approaches;
  • Identifying and defining a wide range of potential initiatives;
  • Prioritising initiatives based on market attractiveness and the client’s ability to implement solutions;
  • Defining a roadmap, success metrics and next steps based on the agreed prioritised initiatives.
Example deliverables