Quantifying the impact of 5G on the healthcare industry

Case study overview

STL partners works closely with clients to identify and evaluate the impact of new and upcoming technologies on industries. We conduct detailed market analyses and identify the real use cases for the short and long term. This includes primary research with key players in the ecosystem, including end customers, to derive first-hand insights.

Through an extensive research programme, including interviews with healthcare enterprises and telco executives within healthcare, and a survey of >200 healthcare professionals, we collaborated with Huawei to:

  • Identify the realistic 5G use cases within healthcare
  • Quantify the impact of each mature 5G use case on the healthcare industry
  • Promote the potential global savings and improvements to patient outcomes through mature 5G
  • Use case detailing and prioritisation

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Use case detailing and prioritisation

We worked together with the client, through both research and a series of workshops, to identify the most promising 5G-enabled use cases within the healthcare industry.

  • Built a long list of 5G use cases and their key drivers, as well as the need for 5G
  • Ran workshops with the client to prioritise the long-list down to 3 key use cases
  • For the prioritised use cases, conducted a detailed analysis of the key benefits of the use cases across stakeholder groups – this included an interview programme to healthcare enterprises globally
Example deliverables

Quantification of 5G’s impact on healthcare

Our research also focussed on understanding and quantifying the extent to which these 5G use cases will impact the healthcare industry:

  • We identified key pain points for the healthcare industry that these use cases would address, and subsequently the cost and throughput metrics that the use cases would impact (e.g. number of outpatient visits, time per consultation, number of ambulance calls)
  • Using these metrics, we forecast from the bottom up the global savings to the healthcare industry through these 5G use cases – this included growth and penetration rates across different countries, and was evidenced by a survey to >200 healthcare professionals
  • We calculated both the potential cost savings to the industry, as well as the subsequent increase in patient throughput due to reallocation of spend
Example deliverables

Writing and promoting a co-branded report for our client, Huawei

STL Partners wrote a report aimed at those within healthcare organisations who are responsible for the transformation and digitisation of their industry/their organisations. The content is also relevant to both healthcare application developers/enterprises and telecoms operators with a desire or strategy to explore the healthcare market.

The Report, ‘5G’s Healthcare Impact: 1 billion patients with improved access in 2030’, explores the impact of 5G on the healthcare industry, illustrating the benefits and example use cases as well as quantifying the potential efficiency gains that 5G will enable.