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COVID-19 impacts on enterprise services and verticals (chart)

COVID-19 impacts on enterprise services and verticals (chart)

Source: STL Partners, based on a survey of 202 respondents (including operators, vendors and telco experts) between 21st April and 8th May 2020 STL Partners’ research into the impact of COVID-19 on telco enterprise expectations indicates that respondents are optimistic regarding enterprise services. Their view as to how specific enterprise verticals will fare is more divergent. Most respondents agree that …

How and where can telcos play in digital health

How and where can telcos play in digital health? (chart)

STL has long argued that healthcare is an attractive vertical for telcos – it is highly localised, starting from a comparatively low base in digitisation, and demand for healthcare is steadily rising. In short, it is a big and sustainable market, looking for local digitisation partners who will also be around for the long haul. For telcos seeking to make a meaningful impact on …

COVID 19 impact on telecoms survey

COVID-19: Impact on telco priorities

This research is based on a survey of more than 200 respondents across operators, vendors and others in the telecoms industry, between 21st April and 8th May 2020. It covers perceptions of likely changes in telco investment priorities and activities over the next few months in 2020.

Telus Health

TELUS Health: Innovation leader case study

Healthcare is an attractive vertical for telcos to address with digital solutions, given the sector’s low digital base and rising demand for healthcare services from ageing populations and changing lifestyles. Although many telcos have made attempts to capture this opportunity through telehealth or consumer wellness services, TELUS stands out as an example of the value of a long-term commitment to healthcare. In this case study, we examine TELUS’ strategy in health, evidence of its success, and draw out lessons for other telcos.

Digital Health: How Can Telcos Compete with Google, Apple and Microsoft?

Digital solutions supporting consumer health and wellness are proliferating, driven by the take-up of wearables and a growing supply of data from consumers, advertisers, insurers and healthcare providers. In this report we explore the ecosystem, and discuss the key players and opportunities, the likeliest areas for disruption, and the potential opportunities for telcos, as well as presenting case studies of the digital health strategies of Google, Apple and Microsoft.

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