Telco Cloud Deployment Tracker: Updated October 2020

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The latest update of our database of commercial deployments of NFV and SDN by leading telcos worldwide.

The NFV Deployment Tracker builds on an extensive body of analysis by STL Partners over the past two years on NFV and SDN strategies, technology and market developments.

This unique service is updated on a regular basis and provides a steadily growing database on live deployments of NFV and SDN by telcos worldwide. The data is presented as an interactive Excel spreadsheet, which can be used to drill down on trends by company and region.

The tracker covers only verified production deployments of NFV and SDN powering live services, where we can be confident that the data on the VNFs and IT components involved is accurate. The latest update, released in October 2020, contains details on 748 NFV/SDN deployments made up of around 1,500 sub-components.

Public-domain information is presented in full detail. Confidential information, obtained direct from operators, is included in an aggregated and anonymised data set.

Each new release of the tracker is global, but is accompanied by an analytical report which focusses on trends in given regions from time to time:

Logged-in subscribers can download the latest version of the NFV Deployment Tracker spreadsheet from this page.