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Coordination Age: A new
strategic opportunity for telcos

To create new and enduring value, telcos need to focus on solving the world’s biggest problems.

What does the Coordination Age mean for me?

There is a global need to improve resource efficiency manifesting itself in industries and individuals as a desire to “make the world run better”. As a result, the global digital economy is moving into a new age: the Coordination Age. What role can telcos play in this?

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Our Coordination Age Analysts

Defining the Coordination Age

Some of our research detailing the “coordination” challenge
for people and enterprises now.

New opportunities for telcos in the
Coordination Age

Telcos have wide reach across enterprises and consumers in
their markets, so they are well-positioned to bring people and
companies together to use their assets more effectively.

Practical steps to succeeding in the
Coordination Age

Telcos will need to adapt their culture, business models and practices if
they want to address their customers’ changing needs.

Previous Coordination Age research