Webinar – New trends in telecoms, media and technology: Succeeding in the coordination age

What is the coordination age and how can telcos adapt their businesses to it?

First broadcast: 12 February 2019

In this webinar, we looked at trends and challenges for the sector for the next few years.

Changes are afoot in the global digital economy, arising from a combination of developments in both demand and supply. In terms of demand, there are pressing needs from all customers to make less do more. On the supply side, technologies like AI, automation, NFV/SDN, and potentially 5G, provide a smarter and more flexible way to make stuff happen.

The consequence is that “coordination” is becoming a more pressing need across many market areas. In the second part of this webinar, we explored how telcos can help address this need in two sectors, smart homes and healthcare.

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The three ages of telecoms / ICT

Our presenters


Andrew Collinson, Partner and Research Director

Andrew leads STL Partners’ research business and has over 25 years’ experience working in telecoms, holding senior business and strategic roles within the mobile, fixed line, VOIP and internet services sectors. Andrew has particular interests in how organisations and people change, AI, and neuroscience.


Amy Cameron, Senior Analyst

Amy leads STL Partners’ research on telcos’ adoption of AI and automation, looking at how they should prioritise initiatives and organise themselves to make the most of these technologies. Other areas of interest include the intersection of blockchain and digital healthcare with telecoms.


David Pringle, Senior Associate Analyst

David runs STL Partners’ (Re)Connecting with Consumers research stream. He spent five years as the European tech and telecoms correspondent for the Wall Street Journal and provides editorial and analytical services to a range of organisations in the tech, media and telecoms industries, as well as moderating panel discussions at industry conferences.

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