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The Open Source Telco: Taking Control of Destiny

Widespread use of open source software is an important enabler of agility and innovation in many of the world’s leading internet and IT players. Yet while many telcos say they crave agility, only a minority use open source to best effect. We examine the barriers and drivers, and outline six steps for telcos to safely embrace this key enabler of transformation and innovation.

Valuing Digital: A Contentious Yet Vital Business

Valuing Digital: A Contentious Yet Vital Business

The valuation of digital businesses is vital because it drives key strategy and investment decisions, yet highly contentious, as there are many different possible approaches. In the first of two reports on this topic, we appraise the main external valuation methods, and their suitability for use or otherwise with new telecoms business models.

ITU's World Conference on International Telecommunications

Internet Governance @ ITU? The Political Battle for the Internet

The political battle for the governance of the Internet will step up a gear at the ITU’s World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) next week, which will review the current International Telecommunication Regulations for the first time since 1988 – pre web and mobile networks. Some governments and telcos are arguing that it should be the responsibility of the ITU, …

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