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Digital twins and 5G in Industry 4.0

This article primarily draws on conversations with key players from Industry 4.0 and academia, held between April and July 2020. Respondents include representatives from a range of industry verticals, with a broad variety of job roles, to gain a snapshot of the existing attitudes and ambitions towards digital twins across both industry and academia. Digital twins and Industry 4.0 Industry …

The IoT is dead: Long live the I4T – the Internet for Things

It’s hard to make things work in the IoT – it’s anything but plug and play. This report outlines why, what is needed, and current leading-edge efforts to achieve it. To deliver the benefits of the Coordination Age, all manner of “things” will need to be able to discover each other and communicate more autonomously. For this to happen easily and securely a new enabler is needed: the Internet for Things (I4T).

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