What will make or break 5G growth?

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The roadmap from today’s 5G hype to mass consumer adoption and 5G-enabled enterprise applications is far from clear. This report identifies the key factors that will influence 5G development, and plots them on the 5G-aliser, which we will update regularly to track progress in 5G supply and demand.


Format: PDF filePages: 25 pagesCharts: 03Author: Amy Cameron, Dean BubleyPublication Date: March 2020

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
    • Key takeaways
    • The 5G-aliser
  • Introduction
  • Key factors influencing 5G development
    • Primary drivers
    • Secondary factors
    • Wildcards
  • Conclusions

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Key factors affecting the pace of 5G market development
  • Figure 2: The 5G-aliser, March 2020
  • Figure 3: Factors influencing 5G market development by category

Technologies and industry terms referenced include: 3GPP, 5G, 5G chips, 5G core, 5G devices, connected vehicles, edge computing, government policy, network separation, private networks, spectrum, virtual reality