The future of physical retail

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Physical retail was under pressure which COVID-19 exacerbated. However, it is not just a matter of decline: telcos are finding new models of hybrid retail that create new solutions that their customers need and embody the Coordination Age.


Format: PDF filePages: 60 pagesCharts: 22Author: Liam MimnaghPublication Date: April 2022

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Table of Figures
  • Introduction
    • Impact of online on the high street
  • Target: Innovation in fulfilment
  • AIS Thailand: Building experiences
    • Expanding into virtual shopping
    • AIS experiments in physical retail
    • My AIS app becomes a super app
  • South Korea’s unmanned stores
    • LG Uplus
    • SK Telcom’s retail network and unmanned store
  • Vodafone: Focusing on efficiencies
    • Vodafone Digital First
    • Vodafone experience store: Billboards aligned to be digital first
    • UK franchising partner model: Local, smaller towns
    • COVID-19 and Vodafone store re-format continues
  • Orange France: How to leverage pop-ups
    • Moving from physical to digital sales
    • New digital skill sets and KPIs
    • La Petite Boutique stores: Promoting suburban and rural fibre broadband take up
  • Altice Portugal: MEO proximity stores
    • Live streaming video chat
  • Safaricom: Working with dealers
    • Balancing digital first and a dealer network
    • Experience stores
  • US: AT&T and Verizon’s hybrid approaches
    • AT&T restructures its corporate store footprint
    • Verizon: Touchless Retail
  • Three Ireland: Connected lifestyle stores
  • Conclusions and recommendations
  • Recommendations

Table of Figures

Figure 1: Types of physical retail locations and capabilities telcos should develop
Figure 2: E-commerce uptake is strong but still varies by market
Figure 3: UK department stores
Figure 4: Events don’t always draw customers to the store
Figure 5: T-Mobile USA expansion to smaller rural markets
Figure 6: Target delivery options
Figure 7: Target’s partnership with Apple offers AT&T connectivity as an option
Figure 8: AIS virtual store
Figure 9: AIS virtual store
Figure 10: AIS as digital landlord to other brands in virtual mall
Figure 11: AIS metaverse virtual influencer Ai-Ailynn
Figure 12: AIS Serenade Club (HVC) experience stores
Figure 13: AIS Powerbuy partnership in AIS Stores
Figure 14: MyAIS is expanding into a lifestyle super app
Figure 15: SK Telecom unmanned stores
Figure 16: SK T Factory: experiential and retail concepts
Figure 17: Vodafone digital first journey
Figure 18: Orange European store footprint 2011-2021
Figure 19: Orange unique store benefits during COVID-19
Figure 20: Orange live selling channel
Figure 21: Orange RE program handset trade-in promotion
Figure 22: La Petite Boutique stores promoting fibre broadband

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