The future of assurance: How to deliver quality of service at the edge

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Assuring networks, services and devices in the world of 5G, edge and IoT demands new capabilities in automation, AI and analytics (A3) at the edge of networks. This report sets out a roadmap for telco decision making around assurance tool creation, deployment and possible monetisation.


Format: PDF filePages: 26 pagesCharts: 13Author: Charlotte PatrickPublication Date: September 2020

Table of contents

    • Executive Summary
      • The three main telco strategies in edge assurance
      • What exactly do telcos need to assure?
    • Why edge assurance matters
    • Factors affecting edge assurance development
      • What are telcos measuring?
      • Internal assurance applications
      • Location of measurement and analysis
      • Ownership status of equipment and assets being assured
      • Requirements of external assurance users
      • Requirements from specific applications
      • Telco business model
    • The status of edge assurance and recommendations for telcos
      • Edge assurance vendors
      • Telco assurance products
    • Appendix

Table of Figures

    • Figure 1: Telco edge computing business models and associated assurance requirements
    • Figure 2: Breakdown of the value of A3 in service assurance, US$ millions
    • Figure 3: Forecast of Tier 1 operator edge servers by domain
    • Figure 4: Map of telcos’ internal edge assurance needs and external opportunities
    • Figure 5: Types of assurance measures
    • Figure 6: Telcos’ internal assurance needs
    • Figure 7: Location of assurance measurement and analysis
    • Figure 8: Comparison of five possible locations for edge assurance
    • Figure 9: Telco right to play in customer and partner assurance needs
    • Figure 10: Assurance for external users
    • Figure 11: Assurance requirements of specific applications
    • Figure 12: Telco edge business models and associated assurance needs
    • Figure 13: Options for telco assurance products

Keywords: AI, analytics, assurance, automation, business models, customer experience, developers, ecosystem, edge servers, hyperscalers, IoT, latency, network edge, network virtualisation, new revenues, platform services, system integration

Companies & technologies covered: 5G, edge computing, MEC, network slicing, APIs, B2B2X